3/8 Mt. Hood rain, Gorge sun and local events worth seeing!

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 March 8, 2013

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
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Good morning,

That was an interesting start to the day in the Gorge yesterday: pea soup fog. You don’t see that often at river level. I’m afraid to go out there this morning – it’s 29 degrees at my house. But hold on. Let me go check the weather… Ok. I did. It’s clear. It’s cold. It’s frosty. If you had delicate plants out in your garden, they’re dead, I’m sorry to tell you. Next time, wait until the snow is off Mt. Defiance before you plant tomatoes (and if you do that in a La Nina year, you can forget about eating tomatoes before November).

The Gorge will be sunny today. It will be below freezing (duh) this morning and 50° this afternoon. Wind will be light. Tomorrow will be clear, frosty in the morning, and 50° in the afternoon with increasing west wind hitting 22-25 in the afternoon. On Sunday, expect clouds overhead with the temp right at freezing in the morning, climbing to the low 50’s in the afternoon. Next chance for precip is Monday afternoon into the evening. In case you were wondering, the river temp is 41°.

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Up on Mt. Hood today, it will be mostly sunny, although there were a few orographic snow flurries kicking about at 5am. The freezing level will be 3500′ this morning and 5500′ or so this afternoon with NE wind at 5-15.

Saturday looks sunny. The freezing level will be 4000′ early, 5500′ at 1pm and 6500′ overnight. Wind will be NNW 15-20 early, a little less midday and W 10 in the evening.

Sunday looks cloudy with a few scattered sprinkles possible late in the evening. The freezing level will be 6500′ early and 7000′ in the afternoon. Wind will be W 15-20 early and W 25 in the evening.

Monday starts off cloudy, with rain starting around 1pm. The snow level will be 6000′ early and 7500′ in the afternoon. The wind will be W 15-20 in the morning, rising to W 50-60 mid-afternoon. We’ll see over 1” of water value overnight, and that will fall as rain. Tuesday looks rainy in the morning and dry in the afternoon.

In events, as you see above, there’s a great show at Columbia Center for the Arts Saturday night. Don’t miss it. There’s another show 3/20: National Geographic explorer Charlie Munsey will be at Columbia Center for the Arts. His photos will blow your mind, so don’t miss it! Don’t forget to set your clocks on Saturday night, because you’ll miss the work party on Syncline Sunday morning if you don’t: HRATS and CAMBA are teaming up for a 9am-noon trail building session at Jeff’s Trail. Meet at the bottom of Courtney Road. Please rsvp to kk@gorge.net if you’re interested.

Now, another reminder for Interesting Gorge. It’s the TED talks of the Mid-Columbia. 3-minute talks on any topic, presented by YOU to a sold-out crowd (every time so far). We need your speaker applications now, or it’s not going to happen. Fill ’em out and get ’em in! You know there’s a topic you’d like to talk about!

Have an awesome day today!