3/8 Forecast

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 March 8, 2011

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Good morning!

If resort pass sales have an effect on the weather, as it appears they might, I’m going to suggest that the spring pass go on sale on November 1st every year. The next week or so does not look springlike at all.

Today will be snowy. Tomorrow will be snowy (hopefully). Thursday will be snowy. Friday will be not-snowy. Saturday will be snowy. Sunday will be snowy. Monday will be snowy.

Have a nice day.

Okay, okay… The snow level this morning is around 3000’ or so, and will hold in the 3000’-4000’ range until midnight when a warm front enters the weather picture. We’ll see moderate to heavy snow through 1pm, becoming light to moderate through the evening, becoming heavy again around midnight. However, by midnight the snow level will be around 5500’, so we may see a mix of snow and rain overnight, or heavy snow at best. We’ll see around .75” of water value before midnight for 7-9” of new snow, mostly falling this morning while I’m desperately busting butt working so I can get to the mountain. Winds today will be SW 20-30, switching to a not-very-pleasant WNW 35-45 around noon, going back to WSW 20-25 by 7pm.

Tomorrow looks a bit warm for my taste. The snow level at 1am will be at 5500-6000’, according to models, holding during the day, and falling to 5000’ by 7pm. Precip will be moderate to heavy before 10am, becoming light, with moderate to heavy precip picking up again around 1pm and continuing through Thursday morning. The heavy precip may cool things down just enough to keep this as wet snow, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see just a bit of r**n mixed in. Total water value will be 1-1.5” for 3-4” of wet snow down low and 12-16” of snow up high. Winds will be SW 20-30 early, building to SW 40-50 by 1pm, dropping briefly into the 35-40 range before building to SW 50-60 overnight.

Thursday looks fun if the lifts (and you) can handle some serious storming as an upper level low charges across Washington. The snow level will be at 4500’ by 4am, falling to 3000’ by 10am, and plummeting to 1500’ by 4pm. Moderate to heavy snow falls from midnight through 7pm, becoming light to moderate late in the day. Models snow .5-.75” of precip, but I wouldn’t be surprised, given orographic help, for Mt. Hood to see 1-1.25” for 12-15” of new snow during the day. Winds will be an issue. WSW 35-45 early goes to SW 55-65 by 1pm (problematic), swinging to WNW 40-50 as the front passes around 4pm (very problematic). Like I said, storm skiing, and honestly, given the path of this system, I wouldn’t be surprised to see much stronger winds than models are predicting.

By Friday morning, the storm will be gone and the snow level will be hanging in the 1000-2000’ range. It will be dry, and likely sunny. Winds will be W 15-20, switching to a barely noticable S 15-20 by early afternoon.

Saturday looks snowy, Sunday looks snowy, and Monday holds potential for excellent skiing.

If you’re one of those crazy wind-Johnnies who likes 39 degree water and big swell, Arlington, Roosevelt and Threemile will be going off on Thursday afternoon. 35-40mph seems like a fair call. Laura? Dave Brown?


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