3/6 Forecast

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 March 6, 2010

Good morning!

Due to lack of interesting weather, the forecast has been vacationing.

It’s back, thanks to a request from Johnathon. Plus, there’s weather
to talk about.

First off, it’s sunny on the mountain today, and there’s great
mountain biking in the valley. Syncline is in great shape, and the
front side of Hospital Hill is in great shape (although not Triple
Bypass). Post is reported to be muddy, so please leave the dirt on the
trail and stay out of there for now. Road biking is also excellent
right now. I rode the 30 to The Dalles a couple of days ago, and
there’s little to no gravel on the road.

Now, on to more interesting weather.

Windsurfers and kiters, Monday is your day. A front hits the
Northwest, and high pressure builds at the coast behind the frontal
pasage. Timing looks perfect for a 29-34mph day at Arlington,
Roosevelt, Threemile and quite possibly The Wall and Doug’s. I have
made my plans for Arlington, so if you’d like to carpool, let’s chat.
It’s going to be cold, but it should be near-epic. We’ll likely see
another big westerly day on Thursday.

If you’re looking for snow, Mother Nature will provide for you this
week. Snow levels will be quite low, 1000-2000 feet this week, meaning
we’re looking at powder, powder, powder. 5-8″ Monday, not much
Tuesday, then a big, strong storm Wednesday. It’s unclear when this
one will hit, but either Wednesday or Thursday will be epic. Wednesday
night is looking great, if you have to work.

Gardeners, you’re screwed. =)

Rock climbers, OH8 is open for business, with sunshine, no ticks, no
leaves on the oak, and no rattlesnakes.

Have a great day today!