3/31 Forecast

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 March 31, 2011

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Good morning!

Hope you survived without the forecast for a couple of days. Crystal was awesome, thanks for asking. =) What more could you ask for than a ripping good, super fun ski buddy, good snow, and beautiful weather? (okay, a foot of new, dumping snow and enough wind to scare people away, but the trip was great, thanks!)

Today looks yucky on the mountain. Wet and warm and windy. That’s great if you want to go boating (the Hood’s at 7.2ft, in case you were wondering), but not so great if you want to ski. The snow level will slowly drop today, as will the wind. It’s around 9000’ right now, and will drop to 5000’ by 8pm. Winds will be W 50-60 early, going to NW 35-45 by 2pm and NW 25-35 by 8pm. Basically, the winds will be strong enough to affect lifts today, all day long. We’ll see .25-.5” of rain.

Tomorrow looks less wet and less windy. The snow level will be at 6000’ all day, with winds W 10-20 early going to SW 15-20 by 2pm. Total rainfall will be LT .25” for rain down low and an inch or two of new up high.

Saturday looks cold and windy with snow falling. The snow level will fall to 2000’ by 5am and 1000-1500’ by 8am. Snowfall will be heavy between 2am and 11am, becoming moderate for the rest of the day. Total snowfall will be .25-.5” WV (most likely the higher end) for 5-6” of new. Winds will be W 20-30 at 5am, going to NW 30-35 by 8am, holding through the day and building to NW 35-45 overnight.

Sunday looks partly cloudy with flurries and strong NW wind.

If you want to go windsurfing, you’ll find west winds in the 23-28 range this morning through much of the Gorge, slowly dropping during the day. Tomorrow looks light. Saturday looks awesome, with synoptic scale westerlies giving us 25-28 in the Corridor in the morning and 28-33 at Doug’s, The Wall and Arlington in the afternoon. If the forecast holds for Saturday, we can officially call the season open, as that’s a perfect summer-like setup. Sunday starts off windy but quickly dies out as a front approaches.

Have a great day today!


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