3/29 Forecast

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 March 29, 2010

Good morning!

The snowstorm has started in the Cascades. The only problem is that the snow level is still high, and the snow is like sludge. Windblown sludge. Does that mean it’s not worth skiing today? No, it’s worth it if you have big skis or a snowboard. You’ll float over the sludge like a butterfly on a spring breeze. Seriously, thought, the snow levels will drop as the day goes on, meaning this afternoon could be a lovely time to be on a mountain. Tomorrow will be epic. Snow showers continue on Wednesday, but the day of the week is Tuesday. Another strong system hits on Friday, meaning Friday and Saturday are going to be great skiing as well. Finally… El Nino kicks in with some snow!

Speaking of mountains, if anyone wants to go to Crystal tomorrow and Wednesday, let me know. I am thinking of heading that way.

Mountain biking? No. It’s sludgy too.

Road biking. Same.

Wind forecast? Today looks gusty, wet and windy in the eastern desert. Tomorrow brings higher quality wind in the afternoon, maybe upper twenties to low thirties out at Arlington. It’s not going to be a good direction for Rufus or The Wall, so if you want to sail or kite, plan on heading way out east.

I have no information on cool upcoming events. Know of any?

Have a great day today!