3/21 Mt. Hood Snow, Gorge Wind and Upper Valley Snow

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 March 21, 2013

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
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Good morning,

I spent yesterday morning desperately trying to find someone silly enough to go windsurfing at Arlington with me. Nobody was up for it until too late in the day. I’m sad. It was gusting to 64 there yesterday afternoon. It would have been amazing! Did anyone go? Did anyone get photos? If you’re foolish enough to sail in those conditions, please call me next time so I have a partner!

In Gorge weather today, it’ll be windy again, although not as windy or as warm as yesterday. We’ll see temps in the upper 30’s to low 40’s this morning, rising to the upper 40’s in the afternoon. Wind will be 26-30 east of the low clouds after 11am. It will continue snowing above 1000′ today. Lucky you, Underwood, Parkdale, and Odell!

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Tomorrow looks partly cloudy with a few sprinkles (snow flurries above 500′). Temps will be in the low/mid 30’s early and upper 40’s later. Wind will be W 23-26 from Hood River to Maryhill. Saturday starts off cold, with frost possible. Temps will be in the low 30’s early and upper 40’s later, with light west wind. Sunday looks sunny, with temps in the low 40’s early and nearing 50 later. Wind will be light W early and light E later.

On Mt. Hood, the powder skiing continues today, although it’s pretty windy – 30g45 – and I’d be surprised if lift maintenance can run Star in this. Other lifts will run slowly. Snow continues all day, with the snow level at 1000′, with .5” water value (WV) during the day, for 5-6” of new, followed by another .4-.5” WV tonight, for 4-6” of new. Wind will be W 35 all day long.

Friday sees a mix of sun and flurries, with the snow level at 500-1000′ and .1-.2” WV for 1-2” of new. Wind will be NW 30 early, dropping to NW 25 in the afternoon.

Saturday starts with high clouds. The snow level will be 500-1000′. Flurries start after noon, with no significant accumulation. Wind will be W 10 early and NW 15 in the afternoon.

Sunday looks sunny. The freezing level will be 1000-1500′. Wind will be light and variable out of the E, N, or NE.

Have an awesome day today!