3/18 Forecast

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 March 18, 2011

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Good morning!

It’s snowing on Mt. Hood again. There are only a couple inches of new now, but we’re expecting .5-.75” water value for 5-7” today, mostly falling between now and noon with flurries through the evening. The snow level today will be around 3500’. Winds will be S 15-25 early going to SW 10-15 by 2pm.

Tomorrow starts off partly cloudy with the snow level around 2500’. We’ll see snow starting around 5pm, for around .25” water value and 1-3” of new snow overnight. Winds tomorrow will be SW 10-15 becoming light by 2pm.

Sunday starts off dry and sunny with clouds moving in late in the day and snow falling from 5pm-5am Monday. We’ll see .25-.6” water value, depending on what model you look at, for 4-6” of new. Models show east winds Sunday, at 10-15 early (fine) becoming 20-25 (not so fine) by 2pm and rising to 25-35 (hmmm) by 8pm. Since those are east winds, we’re going to see some acceleration, with higher speeds on the slopes.

We’ll see light snowfall Monday morning, increasing by noon, for ..25-.5” water value for 4-5” of snow during the day. Winds will be light early, going to W 10-15 by 2pm.

If you want to go windsurfing or kiting, you’ll have 20-25 at Stevenson today and 25-30 at Rooster. Easterlies kick in again on Sunday. It will definitely be sailable, but I’m not calling a wind speed yet.


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