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 March 10, 2010

Good morning!

Sadly, there is no powder alert this morning. Only 3″ of new snow fell at Meadows last night. It’s better than nothing, and the groom crew was raving about their work at 5am, but I (and all of you) wanted a big powder day. Instead, we’re all holding out for Friday now. Cross your fingers… Friday’s going to be a windy one on the slopes, but hopefully it will be a big snow day too.

On to more important things: I rode Post Canyon yesterday. You know how I feel about muddy trails, right? You know how I bitch and moan if you ride when trails are muddy? Well, Post wasn’t muddy yesterday. Seriously. I rode Mitchell Ridge (and whoever the f*&kers are who’ve been riding dirt bikes up Mitchell Ridge, you suck) yesterday, and it’s in dry-to-tacky shape. We did have a little rain last night, and that might change it, but I bet by this afternoon, it will be perfect again.

If you’re going up there, please skip the very first section of trail along the road, as it is muddy and will be damaged by your tires.

Speaking of Post, a big thank you goes out to everyone who has ever worked on trails up there. I ran into a couple of world-class pro riders up there yesterday (we’ll leave them unnamed), who were blown away by the trail work. They were convinced that we have armies of paid contractors working on our trail system. So, nice work, everyone!

And speaking of work parties, a big thank you goes out to Doug Van Zandt for all his work on Spaghetti Factory. He’s organizing a trail work party for this Saturday to add more fun stuff to that trail. Meet at 9am at the bottom of Post. Bring tools, gloves, etc. Contact info: dvz12@hotmail.com.

If you’re a dirt biker, there’s a CGORA party on the 21st to work on the #140 trail. More info is on the event calendar at thegorgeismygym.com.

Also, there’s a pump track work party at the corner of East Forden and Methodist in HR on the 21st from 2pm to whenever. This party includes a keg, I’ve been told. Contact Matt @ 509-637-5352 for more information.

Wind? Best chance is Friday afternoon out east. It doesn’t look very promising.

Have a great day today!


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  1. Gary |

    Hi Temira (et al)

    With temps rising we are switching gears to thoughts of wind and getting wet again. Not being from the HR area, we need to plan ahead as to what recreational gear gets blessed for a weekend excursion in our small car, plus we have to do the load up well in advance.

    So I was wondering if you might be able to include some crystal-ball thoughts on wind direction and strength as the next few weekends roll around. I would hate to be stuck without gear on a warmish west wind day, but hate to burn the gas and time on multiple loads when I can’t coincide with the wind.

    Not much to ask, huh? If you have any weekend wind predictions on Thursday or Friday, it sure would be good to hear them. If they say “no wind”, that is useful information too.

    Tnx much!