7/12 Gorge wind and events

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 July 12, 2012

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First off, some news from yesterday: ODF announced the regulated use closure for the summer on forest lands. That means ATVs and motorcycles are restricted to dirt roads, except in the Northwest Area, which is still open. Also, all vehicles in the forest must carry a shovel and water or a fire extinguisher. That last bit is something I didn’t know about, but apparently ODF was up at Kingsley yesterday doing enforcement, or at least education. If you’re shuttling Post or headed to Kingsley, carry that shovel and water!

Second, some sad news. I spoke with Henry Buckalew at the Hood River County Forestry Department yesterday. He let me know that logging will begin soon on Seven Streams, as soon as next Tuesday or Wednesday. We knew it was coming, but now it’s here. Make plans to join your local trails organization, the HRATS, at 6pm Monday at Seven Streams staging area for a final Seven Streams ride.

Okay, back to the weather. The hot, dry, windy weather isn’t going to help the wildland firefighters, already battling 5 blazes between Oregon and Washington, but it’s going to make for good windsurfing and kiting over the next several days. We’ve got marine clouds in Portland this morning, a .12 gradient to start, upper teens on the water, and we’ll see low pressure move inland this afternoon. That’ll make it gusty today, and windier in the upper valley than usual, so not a great day for spraying chems or road biking. Expect 18-23 this morning from Hood River to The Dalles, By noon, we’ll have 24-28, possibly a bit more late, from Hood River to Biggs.

Tomorrow starts with dawn patrol and then looks like 24-28 all day in the Central Gorge. Saturday starts off a bit lighter, with 15-18, but very strong high pressure off the coast will send the wind into the mid-twenties in the afternoon. Sunday’s been going back and forth between strong wind and really strong wind. As of this morning, it looks like Sunday will be a nuker in the Central Gorge, filling in out east in the afternoon (sorry, Tonia and KB4C). Monday looks quite windy too, but now not as windy as Saturday. I’m really hoping I get to try out my 2.9 on Sunday…

This weekend is the Oregon Enduro series, so if you’re riding up in Post, be prepared for some trails to be closed due to racing. Also this weekend, Kiteboarding for Cancer, raising money for cancer research and survivor camps. Do your part for this event, and drop off cookies at the Event Site in Hood River between 8 and 11 on Saturday.

If you just want to come have a good time, there will be music and food and racing to watch and cool people (you might get a date with a person who’s nice enough to spend their weekend giving back to the world). Oh, and there’s a beer garden. Come on down and play!

Have an awesome day today!