2/4 Forecast

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 February 4, 2010

Good morning!

Due to mostly boring weather caused by this winter’s strong El Nino, the forecast has been on vacation. There are a few things of note happening right now, so the forecast decided to get up early with me this morning.

First, I’d like to wish a happy birthday to Garrison (aka Koop) and Rich Castaneda. May you both have many more great days on the water ahead of you!

Second, it’s pledge drive time at OPB. That means it’s time to call in a tell them you won’t give them any more money until they can keep 94.3 on the air for more than a day at a time.

Third, and the real reason for this forecast, is that Mt. Hood Meadows is having a haiku contest to give away three spring passes (thanks to Drew for the idea for the contest). I know a lot of you were holding out for spring passes this year, and this contest is your chance to score the pass for free. You know how I love free stuff, and free spring passes are good free stuff. One pass goes to the funniest haiku, one goes to the “best” haiku, and one pass will be drawn randomly from all entries. You can submit your haiku by writing it on the Meadows Facebook wall. I can’t tell you what to write to win, but I can tell you to keep it clean and positive for the best chance.

On to the weather (this is a forecast, after all)…

There’s just about zero going on for wind right now. Easterlies pick up a little this morning as an upper level low swings by the coast. 12-26 is about the best we’ll get today, and today’s wind is about all we’ll get for the next few days.

Up on the mountain, we’ll see 2-3″ today, 3-5″ tomorrow, and another inch or so on Sunday, with snow levels low enough to keep all that precipitation opaque. Transparent precipitation sucks.

In mountain biking land, Syncline was great on Tuesday, but it’s likely muddy again after the rain on Tuesday night. The back side of Hospital Hill was great yesterday. There was one short stretch of mud on the Evergreen Highway, but other than that, the trail was tacky and good. And on the road riding front, I rode Eastside last week, and the Country roadsweeper was just ahead of me. That loop is in fabulous shape.

Have a great day today!