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 February 3, 2011

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Good morning!

If we don’t get some real weather soon, I’m not going to remember how to write a forecast once the weather returns!

Mountain Weather Forecast:

Today starts out clear and sunny with the freezing level around 8-9000’. Light NW wind in the morning builds to NW 10-25 by 1pm, holding through evening. Clouds move in with the wind, for a partly cloudy afternoon and a cloudy night. It’s unlikely we’ll see any r**n on the slopes tonight.

Tomorrow is another story. The day starts out dry, with the snow level hovering around 8000’. Morning winds in the NW 25-30 range build through the day, going to WNW 40-50 by 4pm as a upper level low swings across the BC border. R**n starts on Mt. Hood around 1pm, continuing through 10am Saturday. Models are in disagreement about the amount of rain we’ll get, varying from .1” to .5”. Just to keep things interesting, there’s a pretty good chance we’ll see freezing rain overnight Friday into Saturday morning.

Saturday starts off with sprinkles or snow showers or sleet or freezing rain with the snow level around 5000’, rising to 6500’ by 7pm. Winds on Saturday will be NW 25-35 to start, dropping a bit to 20-30 in the afternoon, but remaining in the 40-50mph range up high and on exposed ridges. Light sprinkles in the morning give way to a dry day, with steady rain returning by 4pm. Models disagree over precip amounts on Saturday as well, with some predicting less than .1” and some saying up to .5”.

Sunday brings more light rain, with NW wind at 20-30 all day and the snow level at 6500’, rising to 8000’ in the afternoon.

At this point, it looks like a high pressure ridge will rebuild next week, bringing more warm, dry weather.

Mountain Biking Report:

Post Canyon is frozen hard, meaning it’s fast and fun if you can keep your fingers and toes warm. Syncline is going through melt-freeze and freeze-thaw cycles with the midday sunshine, so it’s best to leave it alone right now. I don’t have a report for Hospital, but since it’s mostly shady, it’s probably fast and fun.

Gorge Wind Forecast:

Strong easterlies in the 20-40 range this morning will fade this afternoon. We’ll see light westerlies tomorrow, building into the mid-twenties in the afternoon. At this point, it’s looking like the westerlies will stick around through Monday.


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  1. Mike Estes |

    We finished the pumptrack inside Family Man last weekend!