2/28 Mt. Hood Snow Forecast and Gorge Wind Alert

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 February 28, 2012

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Disclaimer: This forecast is for entertainment only. Don’t use it to plan your skiing, snowboarding or travel schedule, even though I do. Although I work for Meadows, this forecast is not endorsed by Meadows and does not reflect the views of the resort. Nobody pays me to write this report (unless you make a donation), so please share the link with your friends and help me increase my hits! Thank you!

Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

Good morning!

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One problem with writing a forecast so early in the morning is that model runs refresh at 7:30am. Today, for example, the models are behind reality; the incoming storm is moving faster than they predict. The later model runs will probably catch this, but they’re not finished until 8:45am or so, and I don’t have time to sit around waiting!

That said, we have a storm coming in. I’ll touch on the possibility of Gorge snow first. Yes, it’s going to snow. There. Done with that. Okay, models show the cold air in the Gorge being scoured out by west wind sometime between 7pm tonight and 1pm tomorrow. That’s a pretty big window, so let’s call it snow through 10pm from city level up, and snow through noon tomorrow in Parkdale. Actually, the snow level is going to remain under 1000′ for the next 72 hours, so, sorry Parkdale, but you’re going to get plenty of snow. Call it 1-3” in town and 6-12” in Parkdale.

Okay, back to a forecast more applicable to all of you: Mt. Hood. Cloudy skies this morning give way to a few flurries by midday and heavy snow by 4pm with the snow level somewhere between 0′ and 1000′, depending on your location. Wind will be SW 15-25 this morning, picking up to SW 30-35 by 1pm and 35-45 by 4pm. Snowfall tonight will be .6-.8” water value (WV) for 8-12” of light and fluffy snow.

Snow continues Wednesday, for a stormy Mt. Hood day with the snow level less than 1000′. Wind will be SW 35-45 most of the day, going to WSW 40-50 by 4pm and W 30-35 by 10pm. Snowfall 4am-4pm will be .3-.7” WV – depending on which model you choose – for 5-12”+ of new (going to have to wait until later today or tomorrow to get more specific). We’ll see another .3-.4” WV 4pm Wednesday through 4am Thursday, for another 4-6” of new snow.

Thursday looks snowy again, with the snow level at 500′-1000′ and another .3-.5” WV for 4-7” of new snow between 4am and 4pm. We may start seeing some sunbreaks Thursday afternoon and mostly clear skies overnight. Wind Thursday will be W 30-35 early, going to WNW 25-35 by 10am and 20-25 by 7pm.

Friday starts off with low clouds and high clearing, with high clouds moving in midday and snowfall starting in the afternoon. Wind will be light early, picking up out of the NW midday.

Models are not in total agreement this weekend, but they are still pointing to borderline temperatures late Friday through early Sunday. So, once again, we’ll have to wait and see.

Windsurfers and kiters have east wind this morning followed by strong west wind in the 30-35 range tomorrow.

Have a great day today!


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