2/27 Just plain silly snow forecast

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 February 27, 2011

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Oh my goodness. We are going to see a LOT of snow this week. We’re also going to see a lot of wind.

Winds today start off at 20-30 low and 50-60 high, and that’s the last word on wind at upper elevations, because upper lifts are done. Winds build to WSW 45-50 by 10am, going to WSW 50-55 by 4pm, building to WSW 60 by 10pm. Snow levels today will be at the surface, rising very briefly tonight to 2500’-3000’ (and when I say brief, I’m talking a couple of hours) before plummeting back down to 1000’ or less. Total precip today will be 1.5-2”+, moderate to heavy through midnight, becoming extremely heavy after that. We’ll see 16-24” of snow by tomorrow morning.

The fun continues tomorrow, with extremely heavy snow (3” of snow an hour, maybe) starting around midnight and a total of 1.5-2” of precipitable water from 4am Monday through 4am Tuesday, for 20-30” of new snow, a good portion of which will fall in the morning. Snowfall will remain heavy through 10pm, becoming light to moderate overnight. Winds will be WSW 45-55 early, going to WSW 35-45 by 10am and dropping a little more to WSW 30-40 by 4pm. Looks like we will have lifts to play with on Monday. The snow level will be at a powder-producing 500-1000’ during the day.

The snow level will be at 1000’ on Tuesday, with light to moderate snow in the morning, picking up into the heavy category by 4pm. Total precipitation on Tuesday will be .5-.75”, for 8-12” of new snow. Winds on Tuesday will be a friendly WSW 25-35 all day long, picking up a little to WSW 30-35 by 4pm.

Wednesday looks nutso. The snow level starts at 1000’, rising briefly to 5000’ for a couple of hours around 1pm, plummeting to 2000’ or less by 4pm. The rapid change in temps as the cold front passes will wreak havoc on lifts. Winds start at SW 25-30, rising to SW 50-60 by 10am, rising to 50-70 by 1pm, rising to 70-80 by 4pm. Total precip will be 1.5” or so on Wednesday, heavy from 4am-10am, becoming moderate from 4pm-midnight. Total snowfall will be 10-14”. Best chance for getting on lifts on Wednesday will be first thing in the morning at Meadows or all day long at Skibowl, but even they may get hammered.

If you want to go windsurfing or kiting in nuclear force wind and cold air, try Arlington Sunday afternoon, Monday morning, or Wednesday afternoon.

Have an awesome day.


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