2/22 Mt. Hood Snow Forecast

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 February 22, 2012

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Disclaimer: This forecast is for entertainment only. Don’t use it to plan your skiing, snowboarding or travel schedule, even though I do. Although I work for Meadows, this forecast is not endorsed by Meadows and does not reflect the views of the resort. Nobody pays me to write this report (unless you make a donation), so please share the link with your friends and help me increase my hits! Thank you!

Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
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Good morning!

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Today started off nasty on Mt. Hood: rain and freezing rain in copious amounts. It’s going to switch to snow today, but I fear most of the precip will fall as rain or freezing rain. The snow level will drop to 6000’ by 7am, 4000’ by 10am, and 1000’ by 4pm. We’ll see 1.5-2” water value (WV) by 1pm, for lots of rain before 9am or so, then 4” or so of new snow down low and 8-10” up high. We’ll see another .2-.3” WV after 1pm, through tonight, for another 2-4” of new snow. Wind today is going to make it hard to ride: W 50+ at 7am goes to WNW 45-50+ by 10am and holds all day.

So, total new snow by Thursday morning: 4-6” down low and 8-12” up high, with the snow level at 500’ by 4am. It looks cloudy in the morning, becoming clear, with high clouds moving in during the afternoon. No measurable snowfall. Wind will be NW 30-40+ early, swinging more NNW by 1pm and dropping to NW 15-25 by 7pm.

Friday starts off cloudy, with the freezing level rising to 4000’ by 4am, 5500-6000’ by 10am, and plummeting to 1000’ around 4pm. At this point, it looks like the precip will hold off until the snow level drops (whew). We’ll get .5” WV between 4pm and 10pm and another .4” overnight, for 10-14” of new light and fluffy snow by Saturday morning. Wind on Friday will be SW 25-30 early, rising to SW 35-45 by 1pm and going to SW 45-50 by 7pm.

Saturday morning looks like a great powder day, with 10-14” of new on the ground and snow continuing. The snow level will be at 1000’ early, dropping to the surface late in the evening. We’ll see heavy snowfall all day, for 1” WV between 4am and 4pm for 12” of new snow. After that, we’ll see clearing skies. Wind will be WSW 40 early, going to W 40 at 7am, WNW 35-45 by 10am and 40-50 by 4pm.

Sunday looks partly cloudy with snow flurries and cold temps.

For you windsurfers and kiters: Gorge westerlies blow in the 30-40 range today, strongest midday near Doug’s and Maryhill, with the direction favorable for Maryhill. It should be good in the eastern Gorge too. Saturday afternoon brings another round of 28-34mph in the eastern Gorge.

Have a great day today!


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