2/19 Mt. Hood snow (yes, really!), Gorge wind, and a day off for me today! (oh wait, I just spent an hour writing a forecast…)

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 February 19, 2013


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Thank you for using this forecast! It’s free to use, but it’s not free for me to write. I put about an hour a day into creating a (hopefully) accurate forecast, and I pay for the hosting on this website. If you use this forecast to pick the good days on the hill or on the river, if you find this report saves you gas money or time, please make a donation during pledge drive month! I’m just one gal with other jobs writing this for you! Your generosity keeps this going for everyone. I also send an email version of this forecast. Make a $12 or larger donation, and you’re on the email list for a year. No dealing with the pledge drive. Here’s how this works. If I get donations totally $15 or more today, I post a forecast tomorrow. To make this fair, I’ll try to update the color of the dot midday (a girl’s gotta work, you know.)

Tomorrow’s forecast status: As of 3:01pm. Thank you, Tim K., for your support!

Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

Good morning,

Happy first day off in a month for me! I got to sleep in today. My eyes popped open at the late hour of 5:20am, I planted some tomatoes, and now I’m writing this forecast. Oh, and of course I made a cup of coffee, because the brown liquid of life is a must-have at all hours of the day, even the late hour of 5:30am.

The countdown to ski season’s return has begun (just over 72 hours), and the countdown to the end of mountain biking season has also begun (72 hours and counting). You have three days left to ride your mountain bike until the Gorge trails become mudbogs, so get out there and enjoy the wildflowers (and ticks) while you can!

Today in the Gorge looks partly cloudy, with sub-freezing morning weather warming to the low forties in the afternoon. There’s a chance of a few sprinkles today, but I wouldn’t plan on any torrential downpours. Plan on Friday evening for those.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, looks mostly clear in the Gorge early, with high clouds late and gusty west wind building to 24-28 in the afternoon. Temps will be below freezing early, rising to the mid-forties in the afternoon.

Thursday will be cloudy in the Gorge, with a chance of some light snow flurries early becoming rain below 1000′ after 10am. Total snowfall in the upper valleys could be 2-3” by Friday morning. Wind will be light east early becoming light west in the afternoon. Temps at river level will be sub-freezing early, warming to the low forties in the afternoon.

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By Friday morning, temps should warm up enough for rain through the whole Gorge. And rain it will. Showers in the morning give way to a torrential downpour late in the afternoon and overnight. This is the mountain bike season destroyer I mentioned earlier: we’ll probably get .75-1” of rain Friday night in the Gorge. Along with that rain will be strong west wind, picking up to 30+ late in the afternoon and continuing through Saturday midday.

On Mt. Hood, it’s boring again, with light flurries through the day today, becoming clear overnight. The snow level will be near the surface early, rising to 1000′ mid-afternoon and 1500′ overnight. No accumulation. Wind will be SE 10 early, NE 5 midday and NW 10-15 in the evening.

Wednesday morning looks clear on the mountain, becoming cloudy in the afternoon. The freezing level will be 1000′ all day. Wind will be NW 20 early, dropping to 10-15 in the afternoon.

Thursday starts cloudy, with flurries starting around 10am. Snowfall picks up after 4pm. The snow level will be 500′ in the morning, rising to 1000′ in the afternoon. There won’t be much accumulation during the day, but the mountain will pick up .3-.5” water value (WV) by Friday morning for 4-6” of new snow. Wind Thursday will be NW 10 early, W 15 midday and W 30 in the afternoon/evening.

Friday is when the bland and boring heads for the stage exit, thank goodness! The day starts off with flurries, with .2” WV or so and 1-3” of new snow. After 4pm, all hell breaks loose, with very heavy precip rates giving us 1.5-2” WV by 4am Saturday. The snow level will be 3500′ early, 5500′ midday and back down to 3500′ by 4pm. So, there might be a few sprinkles mixed with snow during the day, but the bulk of the precip looks like it will come in after the snow level drops. That should give us 14-18” of new snow by Saturday morning. This, of course, is stellar news. There’s one slight issue: snow quality. The wind on Friday will be W 30 early (just about perfect), becoming W 45-50 by 10am (problematic) and WSW 50-60 (actually quite fine) by 4pm, going back to WNW 40-50 (very bad) overnight. Well, at least the wind-favored slopes will get lots of new snow coverage!

The rest of the weekend looks cold and snowy, with a few inches of new on both Saturday and Sunday.

Have an awesome day today!