2/17 Yes, there is actually a forecast today

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 February 17, 2010

Good morning!

There hasn’t been much good to say about the weather lately, but as I’m sure you’ve heard, the picture is changing. Yesterday’s sunshine and warmth was nothing short of glorious, and we’ll see the same for another few days. Spring, if not actually here, is making a guest appearance in winter’s territory.

And so, in honor of the sunshine and 50+ degree temps, the wind forecast takes the top of the bill today. Winds start off calm to light west today (there’s your paragliding forecast, Mark), but by tomorrow, if you want to hit the water for some big easterlies, you can. 30ish averages in Stevenson, 35ish at Rooster, less towards Viento and Home Valley (for the kiters, of course… if someone could email me tomorrow about what size kite they were on at Viento, that would be great). The easterlies will hold for almost the entire day tomorrow, although, as you know, the steadiest easterlies will be from 9ish to 2ish.

Friday also looks windy, with 25-28 at Stevenson, a little more at Rooster and a little less east of Stevenson. Winds will back off earlier on Friday, as approaching systems mess with the pressure gradient.

Up on the mountain, it’s going to be all sun, all the time for the next few days. This is your first sane-style chance for a daily double, although it’s going to be reverse daily double since you’ll be on the water first. Actually, if you time it right, you could pull of a daily triple this week: mountain biking (HH was too muddy to ride yesterday, btw, but should be fine by tomorrow… other reports would be appreciated), windsurfing/kiting, skiing/snowboarding. Ah… if I didn’t have to work tomorrow and Friday, I’d make it happen for sure!

I got distracted from the skiing, didn’t I? Should be corn snow, or at least spring slushies and beers at the Mazot in a bikini top, by this afternoon.

Other than that… tonight is Girls’ Night Out in downtown HR. 21 businesses stay open late with specials for girls and groups of girls. Lots of wine samples, free chocolate and snacks, and awesome discounts on… SHOPPING!!!

Also tonight, there’s a free avalanche awareness clinic in Portland at one of the REI stores. I, of course, have forgotten which store.

Finally, thank you to everyone who headed to Meadows for the $10 Haiti ski night. The resort raised somewhere around $20k (the number isn’t for sure yet) for Mercy Corps. And if any of you ever have ideas about how to make our local ski area better for you or for the Gorge, please let me know.

Have a great day today, enjoy the sunshine, and I’ll see you out in the garden this week! Time to plant peas… =)



  1. Patti |

    Hi Tamira!
    I don’t mean to sound ignorant, but what is btw and where is MTB? I think HH is Hospital Hill?

  2. pablo |

    hey girl,

    got up on Dalles Mnt Ranch yesterday. What a beautiful place. I have hiked it a lot but this was my 1st ride. The riding is good on the old road grades. Off road, much of the single track is very mushy muddy. There are a lot of tracks off-trail running hither and thither. It think people are getting lost and cutting X-country. Don’t bust the crust!