2/13 forecast

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 February 13, 2011

Good morning!

Sorry for the delayed forecast this morning. I missed the early model runs. At least this is a more up-to-date forecast than you usually get.

Today looks mostly cloudy with intermittent flurries. The snow level today will be at 4000′ early, rising to 5500-6000′ by 7pm as a warm front swings through. Precipitation starts around 4pm, becoming moderate to heavy through 10pm and mostly ending overnight. We’ll see .25″ to .5″ of precipitation this evening. There is a pretty good chance we’ll see some r**n or r**n mixed with snow overnight, but since things seem to be going our way, I’m going to say we’ll see a couple inches of heavy snow tonight. Winds today will be W 15-25 early, going to SW 25-35 by 7pm.

The snow level tomorrow morning will be at 6000′, falling quickly to 4500′ by 10am at the latest. Precip starts around the time the snow level starts dropping, with light to moderate snow flurries throughout the day. Snowfall picks up overnight, becoming heavy between 7pm and 7am. Winds tomorrow will start at SW 30-35, building to SSW 40-60 by 11am, switching to a not-very-pretty WSW 45-55 around 4pm and continuing overnight. Sorry, grooming crew. Total precip between 4am Monday and 4am Tuesday will be 1″-1.5″ of water value for 8-12″ of new snow, mostly falling Monday afternoon and evening. =)

Tuesday looks super fun from a skier’s perspective. The snow level will fall to 2000′ by 4am, with moderate snowfall continuing during the day for another 8-12″ of new snow by 10pm. Water equivalent, in case you were wondering, will be .75-1″. Winds on Tuesday will start at WSW 10-20, building rapidly to 30-35 by 7am, switching to SW 30-40 by 4pm.

Snow and cold temps continue on Wednesday, with the snow level falling to 1000′-1500′. Light snow flurries become moderate by 1pm. Total water value will be .25″ to .5″ for 3-5″ of new snow during the day. Winds on Wednesday will be SW 20-30, becoming W 20-25 by 1pm.

The extended forecast brings snow flurries and periods of heavy snowfall through next weekend. =)

Hope that forecast made you smile. Have a great day!