2/11 Gorge wind, Mt. Hood snow (YAY!!!) and other stuff.

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 February 11, 2013

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Tomorrow’s forecast status: Thank you Dan O. and Jeff N. (Double thank you, because I hate not posting a forecast. I feel bad.)

Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

Good morning,

In a bright piece of news this morning, the models are now leaning toward more precip this week than they were yesterday. The forecast is a little on the complicated side Tuesday night, but at least we’ll have moisture falling on Oregon again. That sound you hear, that’s kayakers and raft company owners cheering in the background. The other sound is groaning mountain bikers.

Speaking of mountain biking, I have multiple reports that Seven Streams, now known as the Armageddon Apocalypse Trail, has been cleared and reopened due to the hard work of multiple trail fairies. I haven’t had the heart to go look – bawling in the middle of a clearcut doesn’t hold any appeal for me, and that’s what will happen if I go up there. Spaghetti Factory is not clear. 8-Track is open, but is really muddy due to freeze-thaw cycling. Please leave it alone until temps stabilize above freezing so you don’t damage the trail. Syncline, of course, as always, is great, with grass widows, ticks, and poison oak (now inhabiting the back of my neck and various other spots).

Your Gorge forecast for the next few days follows: Partly cloudy today with west wind at 26-30 near Hood River this morning, with 21-24 at Stevenson and Doug’s. Tomorrow looks cloudy, with gusty west wind at 24-28 from Doug’s to Arlington in the afternoon along with rain showers in the western Gorge. Wednesday looks rainy with light west wind. Thursday brings low clouds and mostly dry weather. Temps will be in the low to mid forties for the entire forecast period.

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Up on Mt. Hood, today will be a clear day, likely becoming partly cloudy this afternoon. The free air freezing level (FAF) will be 6000′ this morning, 4500′ this afternoon and 3000′ overnight. Wind will be N 20-30+ this morning, N 15-25 early afternoon and NW 15 overnight.

Tuesday starts off cloudy, with light flurries early becoming heavier by midday. The snow level will be 3000′ early, 4000′ by 4pm and 6000′ overnight. Mt. Hood will receive .3-.4” water value (WV) by 4pm, for 3-5” of new snow. Another .3” falls overnight for 1-3” of snow mixed with rain. Wind on Tuesday will be NW 20-25 early, W 30 by 1pm and WNW 30 in the afternoon and evening.

Wednesday starts with a mix of snow and rain, becoming all snow by 4am. The snow level will be 5500′ early, 3500′ at 10am and 4000′ in the afternoon. If models are correct, Mt. Hood will get .8” WV between 4am and 4pm, for 7-9” of new snow. Another .5-.6” falls by 4am Thursday, for another 5-6” of new snow. Wind on Wednesday will be WNW 25 early, picking up to 30mph mid-morning and holding for the rest of the day. Wednesday looks like a pretty decent day of storm skiing. If you like calmer weather, think about Thursday.

The weather clears on Thursday, with partly cloudy skies. By early afternoon, clouds move in, bringing a few flurries. The snow level will be 4000′ early, dropping to 3000′ in the afternoon. Wind will be NW 25-30 in the morning, dropping to 20-25 in the early afternoon.

Friday looks dry and warm. After that, it looks like the overall pattern will transition to a generally cooler, wetter pattern.

Have an awesome day today!