2/10 Forecast

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 February 10, 2011

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Good morning!

Mountain Weather Forecast

Don’t worry. This boring sunny weather is going to end soon!

Today starts off sunny, with the possibility of some high clouds moving in late. It’s going to be pretty warm on Mt. Hood, with the free air freezing level around 7000’. Winds will be west 5-15 all day, and we won’t see any precipitation. It’s also going to be near 50 in the valley, so if you have a chance, go for a bike ride today!

Tomorrow may start off partly cloudy, but it’s going to get cloudy pretty quickly. Models are showing precipitation holding off until Saturday morning, but a few sprinkles on the mountain late in the day wouldn’t surprise me. The freezing level tomorrow starts around 7500-8000’, holding at 8000’ during the day, and dropping to 6500’ by 7pm. Winds tomorrow start at SW 10-15, rising to SW 30-40 by 1pm, rising to SW 35-45 by 7pm. Total precip by 4am Saturday will be less than .1”. If you’re a freestyle rider, there’s a rail jam at Meadows on Friday night. It’s free to enter, and there are sweet prizes.

Saturday brings 1-1.5” of water value. It’s going to be borderline. The snow level starts around 7000’ at 4am, falling to 5500-6000’ by 1pm, falling to 4500’ by 7pm. We’ll see sprinkles before 10am, with the heaviest precipitation from 1pm to 7pm. With 850mb/5000’ temps hovering between 0 and 2 degrees celcius for much of the day, I’m having a tough time making a call of rain or snow. Because I’m an optimist, I’m going with wet snow for now, mixed with periods of rain early, for 2-4” down low and 8-12” up high. The wind will be more of an issue than the rain/snow/icing on Saturday. At 4am, we’ll have SW 45-55, rising to WSW 50-60 by 1pm, and then, as the front passes mid to late afternoon, going to a very messy W 45-55 for the rest of the day.

Sunday looks prettier, with the snow level at 4500’, rising to 5500’ by 4pm. We’ll see light snow all day, becoming moderate from 1pm to 4am Monday. Winds Sunday will be SW 30-40 to start, going to SW 25-35 by 4pm. Total water value will be .5” or so, with most of that falling after 1pm, for a total of 4-6” of new.

Monday night looks rainy, but after that, it’s all snow, all the time.

Gorge Recreation Forecast

In other Gorge recreation news, your best chance for windsurfing and kiting west winds will be on Saturday. Hospital, Syncline, and the upper part of Post are rideable again. Please leave the lowest sections of Seven Streams alone to avoid damaging the muddy trail. ¼ mile of riding on the dirt road won’t kill you. =)

Have a great day today!


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