2/1 Mt. Hood forecast, Gorge forecast, and gardening advice.

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 February 1, 2013

It’s the 1st annual Winter Pledge Drive!

Thank you for using this forecast! It’s free to use, but it’s not free for me to write. I put about an hour a day into creating a (hopefully) accurate forecast, and I pay for the hosting on this website. If you use this forecast to pick the good days on the hill or on the river, if you find this report saves you gas money or time, please make a donation during pledge drive month! I’m just one gal with other jobs writing this for you! Your generosity keeps this going for everyone. I also send an email version of this forecast. Make a $12 or larger donation, and you’re on the email list for a year. No more pledge drive.

Here’s how this works. If I get donations totaling $15 or more today, I post a forecast tomorrow. To make this fair, I’ll update the color of the dot throughout the day.

Tomorrow’s forecast status: as of 9:08pm. Will update around 7am Saturday. =) Thank you for your support!

Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

Good morning,

Happy February. It’s spring!!! Okay, not quite, but as I mentioned yesterday, it’s time to start your pepper plants. There’s not much more satisfying than watching little plants grow into big plants in the safety of your closet (or wherever you set up your light system – and a standard shop light works just fine). While we’re on the subject of gardening and peppers… last summer I grew peppers in the garden and in buckets, and the bucket peppers did much better. So… save your garden space, and put the peppers in buckets because they stay warmer and happier here in the PNW.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled weather forecast. In the Gorge today, we may start out with partly cloudy sky (I think, but I’m in my PJ’s and I’m not going outside into the cold to look), but I bet the gloom will return, as the gradient is W. 03 now and expected to turn E, with east wind at 24-28 by the afternoon. At least it should stay above freezing in the Gorge today.

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Tomorrow, as mentioned yesterday, brings the return of the F**KING INVERSION, with sun in Portland and on the mountain, but sub-freezing weather and clouds in the Gorge along with east wind at 30-40 at Stevenson and Rooster (where it’ll be sunny too). On Sunday, the inversion returns, but should break in the afternoon, just in time for the 1st annual Dirty Fingers Superbowl Tailgate party at, where else, Dirty Fingers Bikes!

In the dirt report, Syncline is awesome right now. No other words needed. Get it before it enters a freeze-thaw cycle this weekend. If you’d like a challenge, chase someone on a singlespeed up the double-track. There’s no promise you’ll hurl, but you might think your lungs will explode. It’s fun. Try it some time.

On Mt. Hood, sunshine is the plan for today, with the free air freezing level (FAF) rising to 6000′ around sunrise and 8000′ midday with light and variable wind and no precip. Get yourself some spring skiing this afternoon.
Tomorrow brings more sun on Mt. Hood, with the FAF at 11,000′ early, dropping imperceptibly to 10,000′ in the afternoon with high temps around 40 degrees. Expect E wind at 10mph early, swinging to SW 10 in the afternoon. On Sunday, the FAF will be around 9000′, with temps in the mid-thirties and W wind at 20-25mph. High clouds may move in during the afternoon.

Monday looks partly cloudy, becoming clear, with the FAF at 7000′ early, rising to 8000′ in the afternoon. Temps will be in the mid to upper thirties. Wind will be W 15mph early, becoming SW 10 late in the day.

Snow starts falling again Tuesday afternoon, and continues through Friday, with light to moderate snowfall during the extended period. No big dumps, but no rain either.

Have an awesome day today!