1/8. Temira’s B-Day forecast. Thank you to all of you for using this forecast. It means the world to me.

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 January 8, 2014

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Random Morning Thoughts

Today is my birthday, and you’re probably wondering why I’m making such a fuss about it. Here’s the deal: I don’t have any family. My birthday is the one day each year that I confirm my substitute family’s support. That’s you. My friends, my subscribers, and my community. And the best confirmation I can get is a snail mail card telling me why we’re friends, why you love me, and why you support me. And it doesn’t have to arrive today – don’t worry. PO Box 841, Hood River, 97031. So thank you in advance for the cards, and thank you again, from the bottom of my heart and my whole soul for using this forecast and for supporting me. It means more than you can imagine. Have a wonderful day today.

Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
Temira’s B-Day

Mt. Hood Snow Forecast

Mother Nature loves me. It’s 33 degrees and SNOWING at Meadows. In a year of near-misses, today, my birthday, is nearly-rain. But it’s snowing. And that makes me happy. The snow level will hold at 5500′ today (it better), before dropping to 3000′ around 10pm. Between 4am and 4pm, models show .4” water value (WV). I think we’ll see more like .2”. Either way, call it 1-3” of new snow before 4pm, followed by a break in the precip between 4pm and 10pm. And then the heavens open up with around 1” water value for 9-12” of new snow by 4am Thursday. Wind today will be SW 25 early, steadily rising to SW 45 around 4pm and going to WSW 40 overnight.

Want fresh pow? Thursday is your day, with clear sky or orographic flurries to start with a return to steadier snowfall around 1pm. The snow level will be at 1500′ early, 2000′ around 1pm and 5000′ overnight. Expect .3-.5” water value to fall between 1pm Thursday and 4am Friday, for 3-5” of new. The snow will get heavier and wetter as the evening progress. Wind Thursday will be WNW 45 early, W 35 midday and WNW 45 in the evening.

Friday. Oh Friday. You pretty much suck in my book. Friday starts out fine, with snow falling, but as warmer air moves in, the snow switches to sleet and maybe freezing rain before becoming dumb rain. The snow level will be an unknown early, as temps hover at freezing between 2000′ and 8000′ (a likely freezing rain scenario). By 10am, the snow level will be at 6000′, rising slowly but surely to 9000′ by 7pm. In the 4am-4pm period, we’ll see .6-.9”+ of rain. Wind Friday will be WNW 50 early, becoming W 50 mid-morning and WSW 50 in the evening.

Saturday’s current model scenario is RIDICULOUS, with WSW wind at 80mph at 4am. But you’re interested in snow. The snow level will be at 9k early, crashing to 3k in the afternoon. So, we start with rain Saturday and switch to some insane amount of snowfall with 1-3” water value for massive new snow. Same thing Sunday in the snowfall department. Totally crazy scenario, and totally amazing for the ski resorts should it play out. Crossing my fingers, as I will be working at Meadows both those days, and I would love to inspect the changing conditions and share the news with all of you!

Gorge Weather

Morning weather check: It’s my birthday. I’m not going outside barefoot in the cold to check the weather. You can’t make me. Not today. Expect cloudy, slightly showery weather for much of the day (driest before 10am and mid-afternoon). Temps will be just above freezing this morning, rising to the mid-40’s this afternoon. Tomorrow starts partly cloudy with temps in the upper 30’s, rising to the mid-40’s in the afternoon. Rain starts around 1pm and doesn’t stop. Friday starts out mostly cloudy and mostly dry, but a torrential downpour moves in late in the morning. Temps will be in the upper 40’s early and right around 50 in the afternoon. Saturday and Sunday look very, very wet.

Gorge Wind Forecast

At 6am this morning (I slept in), the east gradient sat at .07. That’ll be enough for slowly fading 15-18 today, becoming W 15-18 after dark. The wind will blast tonight, leaving us with westerlies at 26-30 in the eastern Gorge tomorrow morning, fading to 21-24 through the whole Gorge midday. Another system swings through Thursday night, for Friday morning leftovers at 26-30, becoming light midday and going to 30+ overnight. Saturday and Sunday both look like west wind nukers. River water temp is 40 degrees.

Road and Mountain Biking

Where to bike, where to bike? It rained pretty hard yesterday. That probably melted a lot of the frozen trails. You might want to road bike instead of mountain bike today.

The Clymb: free membership. Cheap gear. Temira approves. Click to join.

Events – email me if I’ve missed any outdoor-related events

Tonight at 6, the Winter Wonderlands Alliance has a backcountry film festival at the Pint Shack. Also this evening: Karma Yoga at 4pm at Flow and ping pong at the Hood River Armory at 6:30.

Have an awesome day today!