1/4 Forecast

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 January 4, 2010

Good morning!

It’s lucky for us that the cold air in the desert isn’t that cold this morning. We’re dodging the snow and freezing rain bullets today. If only we could dodge raindrops as well…

Right now it’s raining from Hood River to the top of the Cascade lift at Meadows. That means it’s raining at Skibowl and T-line as well, depressing news for skiers. It doesn’t mean the snow is bad; rain-soaked snow is fast and fun and slippery. It just means that you’d better own nice outerwear if you’re headed to the slopes. Either that, or you might want to pack a Hefty bag…

Can’t say I’d recommend heading to the mountain today, unless you have no choice. Snow levels won’t drop, we’ll get .75” of rain, and winds will increase to the 20-30 range by afternoon. If you have some work to get done, today would be a good day for it.

We’ll see more rain on the mountain tomorrow, another .25” or so, with less wind. If temps stay above freezing on the mountain tonight, tomorrow should actually be a good day of skiing, if you can deal with light rain showers. I am not seeing any powder days in the near future, so make the most of your season pass and hit the slopes in the later half of this week when we’ll see dry weather.

Coming back to sea level… on Wednesday, cold air makes its way back into the desert. Combine that with some huge offshore gradients, and we’re looking at a big east wind day for insane windsurfers and kiters. I think gusts into the 50’s are likely Wednesday, with averages in the 30’s. The only catch is that we’ll likely see sub-freezing or near-freezing temps in the Gorge, along with a few snowflakes or freezing rain. I’m pretty desperate, so I might go windsurfing.

Finally, my birthday is Friday. We’ll be going out Thursday night to celebrate. Come join us… not sure where or when yet, but it’s going to be an early night…

Have a great day today!