1/31 Update. Hooray. Forecast models are back up. Today’s Mt. Hood forecast, Gorge forecast, and a SI.

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 January 31, 2013

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

Good morning,

Before I forget, some mountain biking news. First, SDS has announced a closure of all SDS lands on Hospital Hill, as logging operations have started. So, that means the back side of Hospital is closed, as is the connection between the front side and the bench. You’ll have to take a right at the switchback fork and ride all the way up the front side to the bench. Please respect the closure, as SDS respects us enough to let us ride on their privately-owned land. As added incentive to show respect, you’ll be cited for trespassing if you are caught poaching. So, please restrict your poaching activities to public lands at this time.

That said, I rode at Syncline yesterday afternoon, and the dirt was nothing short of perfect. The rocks of Little Moab, as always, were also perfect. So don’t be shy about getting out on the trail today.

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In weather news, although the NWRFC’s precip model shows rain today, other models show the moisture staying north of us. I like that scenario better, so I’m going with a dry day, but cloudy, in the Gorge. Expect west wind today at 10-15 early, picking up to 17-23 in the afternoon with the temp in the 40’s. Tomorrow looks gloomy with easterlies increasing to 21-24 in the afternoon and a high temp around 40. Saturday looks increasingly gloomy, with the STUPID INVERSION in full force along with east wind at 26-30 and temps hovering around freezing at river level. Sunday brings a better chance for the low clouds to break up, but temps will still be at freezing in the morning, rising to 40 degrees or so in the afternoon. You will be able to escape the SI by heading to the mountain this weekend.

Up on Mt. Hood, the temps are fluctuating all over the place this morning. Expect them to settle in at the low thirties today. The sky will be partly to mostly cloudy today with periods of sun. Looks like the precip will mostly stay north, but a few sprinkles aren’t out of the question. The free air freezing level will rise to 7500′ this morning, and then drop to 6000′ midday and 5500′ overnight. Wind will be much lighter today than it’s been: W 15 early, NW 20 mid-afternoon and NW 25 overnight.

Tomorrow starts off with high clouds above Mt. Hood. The sky becomes partly cloudy mid-morning and clear in the afternoon. The free air freezing level will be 8500′ with a high near 40. Wind Friday will be NW 15, swinging more to the north midday and becoming light and variable late.

Saturday and Sunday look sunny on Mt. Hood, with temps in the upper thirties both days. Wind will be S/SW at 10mph Saturday and W 20-25 on Sunday. Monday looks dry and warm on Mt. Hood, and then snow returns for Tuesday-Friday.

Have an awesome day today!