1/30 Mt. Hood weather, Gorge wind and dirt, and bad words

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 January 30, 2013

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

Good morning,

Oh hello spring. It was 50 degrees yesterday afternoon in the Gorge, and oh did that feel nice! Your mountain biking report, courtesy of the nice folks at River Drifters, is that Syncline had great dirt yesterday afternoon (and a spectacular sunset). Apparently the strong west wind dried the dirt out fast. You know where I’m headed today, should the rain stay well away from us!

Is it going to rain today? Well, probably, but the worst of the precip will stay above us in the Cascades. So, expect a few on-and-off showers today, along with west wind at 20-24 under the clouds and 26-30 in the desert. Tomorrow looks partly cloudy, with sun in the afternoon, along with west wind at 20-24. The evil inversion, with the low clouds of death, will probably return Friday and hold through Monday, meaning you’ll have to go to the mountain to get some sun later this week.

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Up on Mt. Hood, yesterday’s 17” of new was completely ruined by two things: storm-force wind, falling trees, and an afternoon warming spell that hit 39 degrees. Okay, that’s three things. Anyway, we’re starting from scratch up there again with snow quality. Right now the snow level is around 5000′, and it’s snowing. The snow level will drop to 4500′ by 1pm and 4000′ by 7pm. We’ll get .5-.6” water value (WV) by 4pm, for 5-6” of new snow. After that, we’ll get another .1-.2” WV overnight, for a couple inches more. And that’ll be it for a few days. Wind today will be NW 40 early, WNW 40 around 1pm, and WNW 30 at 7pm.

Tomorrow starts off partly cloudy on Mt. Hood, with temps hovering right at freezing up to 6000′. The sky clears by mid-morning, with sunshine and temps in the low 30’s with the free air freezing level (FAF) at 6000′. Wind will be NW 20 early, dropping to NW 10 midday.

Friday looks sunny and warm, with the FAF at 9000′ and wind at NW 15 early and W 15 by midday.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday look clear, with highs around 40 degrees and the FAF at 11,000. Wind will be light and variable.

The next round of precip is forecast for Tuesday…

Saturday looks clear, and Sunday brings light precip of some sort.

Have an awesome day today!