1/30 Forecast

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 January 30, 2011

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Good morning!

Mountain Weather Forecast:

Clear, calm and cold through Thursday, at least. Okay, that’s not quite it. Today we’ll see clear skies. Some models still hint at some precipitation and clouds this afternoon, but I’d say the chance is less than 50%, as the clouds on the visible satellite are already breaking apart. winds today will be NW 5-10 down low and NW 20-30 up high, hence the cloud on the top of Hood. Highs today will be right around 32°.

We’ll probably see some low clouds and fog around 5000’ tomorrow morning, with temperatures in the low twenties. Other than that, skies will be clear. Winds early will be NW 20-30, decreasing to NW 10-15 by 1pm, switching to N 10-15 overnight. A temperature inversion will develop during the day, becoming strong by Tuesday morning.

Tuesday looks cold down in the Gorge, with temps just below freezing. The drive up will go through the cold air, with weird weather flats seeing temps in the upper teens. At the mountain, it will be sunny and right around 32°, becoming warmer in the afternoon and overnight. Winds Tuesday will be N or E at 5-10.

Wednesday also looks dry and sunny with temps near 40° at the mountain and 32° down in the valley. Winds will be west at 5-10mph.

Gorge Wind Forecast:

East winds pick up through the Gorge tomorrow, hitting the 25-30 range at Stevenson. Tuesday looks a little stronger, with easterlies in the 30-35 range. The easterlies back off into the low twenties on Wednesday. Friday holds potential for a solid westerly day as high pressure builds at the coast. If the forecast holds for that far out, we’ll also see an excellent day for kiting or windsurfing on the coast on Friday. Surfing looks good through Wednesday, with light offshore wind at the coast.

Mountain Biking Report:

Syncline is a little muddy but great. The first section at Post is a little muddy, but Seven Streams is quite rideable, with just a couple of muddy spots. I imagine the upper sections of Post are even better, with tacky conditions the rule. If Post is good, Hospital has to be better. Get out and ride!

Have a great day today! Pray for snow…


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