12/9 forecast

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 December 9, 2010

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Good morning!

It’s still snowing in the mountains. Well, it’s still snowing at Meadows and Timberline, but poor Skibowl is getting rain right now. Meadows had 7” in the last 24 hours at the base, but there’s likely quite a bit more new snow higher up. With colder temperatures up top yesterday, the snow was in good shape (in other words, it was not Cascade Concrete) at 3:30pm, so I’m recommending you ski today if you can.

Tomorrow also looks excellent, with colder temperatures and another 12-18” of snow between now and tomorrow morning.

Winds will be in the 20-30 range today and tomorrow, with temperatures in the upper twenties to low thirties today and mid to upper twenties tomorrow. Snow will fall all day today and tonight, pausing briefly tomorrow morning until 9am or so, and then snowing again through around midnight tomorrow night.

Saturday looks problematic. Precipitation starts off as snow, but by noon, changes to a torrential downpour up to about 10,000’ feet. No, I didn’t not include an extra zero there. Depending on which model you favor, the Mt. Hood area will see between 2” and 6” of warm rain on Saturday. Models suggest rain on Mt. Hood will taper off on Sunday (but not further north), but if we get unlucky, we’ll see another drenching. Temperatures return to seasonal norms by Tuesday, with a return to snow in the mountains. In addition to the rain, we’ll see wind. The wind starts off light, but as the front approaches midday, winds climb into the 50-60mph range at 5000 feet overnight Saturday into Sunday morning.

If you’re a boater and you like flood waters, get ready, because you’ll have what you want by Sunday morning. The Hood is currently at 4.3 feet, and is forecast to hit 6.8 feet on Sunday. I think that forecast is a bit low, and am sorely wishing I could be at Big Bear Rapid (the one that replaced the Powerdale Dam) taking pictures on Sunday.

Have an awesome day today!


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