12/8 forecast

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 December 8, 2010

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Good morning!

It’s looking like we’re going to sneak by with snow in the mountains for the next few days, and that’s quite a relief to me.

Snow will fall above 4500’ for much of the day today, with 4-6” falling between now and closing time at the ski resorts. After a brief break in snowfall, another system hits in the middle of the night, bringing 10-12” during the day tomorrow and another 6-8” tomorrow night. Snow flurries continue all day Friday, with diminishing intensity towards afternoon, and probably ending by sunset.

Snow levels will fluctuate between 4500’ and 5500’ between now and early Friday morning, when they’ll fall to 3500’ or so. It would not surprise me if we see a few periods of snow mixed with rain at the base of Meadows, and straight-up rain for periods at Skibowl.

Windspeeds will remain high, in the 20-30mph range, until Friday afternoon, with upper lifts closed at T-Line and Meadows.

The weekend is not looking pretty in the mountains, but it is looking great if you like boating very full rivers. If you’re a boater, Sunday and Monday are looking good.

At this point, it’s not clear where the bulk of the storm will make landfall, but by midday Saturday, temperatures will be above freezing at 5000 feet, and by midday Sunday, temperatures will be well into the 40’s at 5000 feet. There’s a lot of moisture headed this way with that system; 2-3” looks possible on Saturday with another 2-3” on Sunday. Fortunately, at this time it looks like the majority of the rain will be north of Mt. Hood, and fortunately, it’s BrewFest at Meadows on Saturday, so you’ll have an alternate activity if you have to be on the hill.

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Have an awesome day today!


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