1/26 Mt. Hood snow forecast, Gorge wind forecast, and stuff you can do to make cycling in the Gorge better!

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 January 26, 2013

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

Good morning,

This weather might be grey, but the raindrops are so much less oppressive than the unchanging grey of last week’s Great Inversion. The rain showers continue in the gorge today and tomorrow and probably, to some extent, Monday and Tuesday. However, starting this afternoon, we’ll be under a west wind pattern, meaning somewhere east of us is sunshine. We’ll see light westerlies at 13-15 east of Hood River today. Tomorrow brings 21-24 east of Hood River. Monday and Tuesday both look like 26-30 days, with the strongest wind from Doug’s to Maryhill, and probable sunbreaks in Hood River.

In events this weekend, the Spoke Club hosts a work party at the White Salmon Bike Park tomorrow, Sunday, from 10am to 2pm.

On Mt. Hood, expect continuous snowfall for the next three days. Today starts with the snow level at 1500′, with .4-.5” water value (WV) by 4pm for 4-5” of new snow. Another .2-.3” WV falls tonight, for 2-3” more. Wind today will be WSW 25 early, dropping to 20mph midday and going to W 15-20 tonight.

We might wee a few sunbreaks on Sunday morning, alternating with flurries through 1pm when snowfall picks up. The snow level will be 1000′ early, falling to 500′ or so midday. There will be minimal accumulation through 1pm, and then .6-.7” WV by 4am Monday, for 6-8” of new snow. Wind Sunday will be W 20 early, WNW 20 midday and W 25 in the afternoon.

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Monday looks cold and windy and quite snowy. The snow level will be around 500′ all day. We’ll get .6” WV between 4am and 4pm, for 6-8” of new. Another .6-.8” WV comes in Monday night for 7-9” more. However, the wind will likely be a problem Monday, coming out of the WNW at 35 early and picking up to 40-45mph midday, which will cause lifts to swing, resulting in decreased chair speeds or not-running chairs.

Models are showing some interesting things on Tuesday, making the forecast really difficult to call. High pressure builds off the coast, but we’ll still be under strong NW flow (similar to Monday) with precip. It’s hard to tell what the temps will be at this point, so we’ll have to wait a day or two and see how things shake out.

In local news, the Port of Hood River is applying for grants for funding a waterfront path through the Nicols Boat Basin area. Please take 5 minutes (or less) to fill out this easy survey in support. If you’d like to do more, letters of support are needed. Email heatherstaten@gorge.net . If you’d like to view the proposal and perhaps suggest changes in your letter, the proposal can be found on the final page of the grant application available here.

Have an awesome day today!