12/6 Gorge Wind, Mt. Hood snow, and legalized stuff I thought I’d never see!

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 December 6, 2012

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

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Tonight is the annual fundraiser for the avalanche dog program at Meadows. 6pm. Double Mountain. Awesome raffle prizes. Beer. Pizza. See you there! Sadly, this fundraiser is in Oregon this year (usually it’s at Everybody’s), so there will be no marijuana or gay marriage. Congratulations, Washington! And congratulations Parkdale. You’re going to see intermittent snow over the next three days. That’s not as good as legal pot or gay marriage, but it’s something…

It’s looking like the next week will be a good one for hardy windsurfers and kiters. It’s still 50 degrees in the Columbia, according to iWindsurf’s temp gauge (although that seems quite warm for this time of year…) Today brings west wind at 15-18. Models don’t agree on wind strength tomorrow, but they agree on westerlies. The lightest model suggests 23-26. The (usually) more accurate model thinks we’ll see 30-35 in the Corridor and Near East tomorrow. The wind backs off over the weekend, but returns with a vengeance on Monday and Tuesday, with nukin’ wind bottled up in the extended model runs.

I know. It’s ski season and I should shut up about wind. But did I mention I now have TWO 71L 2010 Starboard Quads? See. It’s no surprise that I’m jonesing to go windsurfing.

But for those of you looking to ski, here’s the Mt. Hood forecast: Partly cloudy today, with clouds and flurries increasing after 4pm. The snow level will be 1500′ this morning, 2000′ mid-afternoon, and 2500′ overnight. We’ll get about .3” water value (WV) tonight for 2-4” of new by Friday morning. Wind today will pick up to W 20-25 mid-morning, WNW 30-35 by 1pm and WNW 35-40 this evening.

Friday brings constant moderate snowfall after a partly cloudy start. The snow level, at 2500′ early, falls to 1000′ after 4pm. The low snow level combines with .6” WV by 4pm for 5-7” of new snow. Light flurries continue overnight for no significant accumulation. Wind on Friday will, quite frankly, suck, but it will also make nice drifts in wind-favored areas, assuming chairs can run to get you there: W 40 early becomes WNW 45-50 by 10am, holding all day.

Saturday starts off with light snow. A few tenths fall during the day, for 3-4” of new by 4pm, with the snow level around 1000′. Another .2” WV falls after 4pm and before midnight for 2-3” more, after which the precip tapers to nothing. The snow level Saturday will be around 1000′, and the wind will be WNW 30-35 early, fading to 20-25 mid-morning.

Saturday’s the better day of the two this weekend, with incorrect precip quite likely on Sunday. It’s a really odd setup – NW flow with a very warm front moving in. I’m not sure I’ve seen this before, but right now, I have to trust the models. The snow level will be at 2500′ Sunday morning, rising to 5500′ by 10am, 6500′ by 1pm and 7500′ by 4pm. Light rain starts around 1pm, continuing through 1am, for total rainfall of .4-.5”. Wind Sunday will be NW 15+ early (with the possibility of strong N wind), NW 20-30 mid-morning, NW 30-40 around 1pm, 35-45 at 4pm and 40-45 at 7pm.

Monday looks dry and cold, with very strong wind. Tuesday looks dry and warm, with strong wind.

Have an awesome day today!