1/24 powder forecast

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 January 24, 2010

Good morning!

Here comes the snow… I’m watching the radar image from my desk (well, actually, it’s Brad’s desk, but close enough) here at Meadows. There’s a rainbow of green, blue, red, orange and yellow headed towards the mountain, and that’s a great thing if you like powder skiing (and really, who doesn’t?). Models suggest 1-1.5” of water value by tomorrow morning, meaning we’ll see a solid 12” of new snow between midday today and early tomorrow morning. I’m not promising you light and fluffy powder, but it’s not going to be concrete either. With snow levels around 3500-4000 feet, we’re looking at yummy snow.

If you can’t ride today, clear tomorrow, and if you can’t ride tomorrow, clear this evening. We’ve had a lot of powder days this year where the subsurface was ice, but not this time. Generally, it’s packed powder right now, meaning you won’t be dropping through to a nasty crust. It’s going to be so good….

Monday, during the day, another 2-5” will fall, and Tuesday looks like 1-3” more. Wednesday looks sunny.

Kiters and windsurfers have today for easterlies in the 22-25 range, at least before the rain hits. Next chance for easterlies looks like Wednesday, in the sun, at Stevenson.

Everyone have a great day today, and get a good night’s sleep tonight. Wax up, and pick me up if you see me hitching in the morning!