12/4 Mt. Hood snow forecast, Gorge wind, and Parkdale snow. And pineapples.

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 December 4, 2012

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

It’s my day off today, and if it wasn’t my day off, it would by my bonus day off, as Meadows is closed due to a one-day Pineapple Express. There’s only one thing to do in response: bake Pineapple Express cupcakes!

In Gorge weather, the best chance to get out of the rain today will be before 1pm. Yes, I know it’s raining now, but it’s going to pour after 1pm. Or at least after 4pm. So check the radar before you head out, and if you head out, consider The Dalles, the Mecca of winter road biking! And expect west wind at 15-18 wherever you are. Strong westerlies kick in overnight, with 28-32 in the Corridor tonight and early tomorrow, fading to 21-24 during the day.

Starting tomorrow, we’re going to see several days of cold weather, with the snow level between 1000′ and 1500′. With west flow in place, we shouldn’t see snow in Hood River proper, but we’ll see snow on all the surrounding hills, on the bike trails, and in Parkdale. Thursday looks quite snowy around 1500′, with the possibility of 6-8” or more falling in Parkdale in a 48 hour period.

Snow. Bah. Let’s talk rain.

The rain will continue on Mt. Hood today, adding on to the already impressive 2” rainfall total. The snow level, around 9000′ this morning, falls to 6000′ around 4pm and a helpful 5500′ around 7pm. Moderate rain falls until 1pm, and then very heavy rain falls, giving 1” or more by 4pm. Another .4” water value (WV) falls after 4pm, likely putting 2-3” of new snow on the soggy snowpack by Wednesday morning. Wind today will be WSW 40 early, becoming SW 30-50 midday and holding overnight.

Wednesday starts with a little new snow on the ground and orographic snow showers mixed with sunbreaks. Total accumulation will be less than .25” WV, for 1-2” of new. By 1am, the snow level will be at 1500′, and it will hover between 1000′ and 1500′ through the extended forecast. That’s a pretty impressive drop in the snow level that is and a drop which will turn the snowpack to blue ice if the end-of-storm snow doesn’t pan out. Wind will be WSW 35-40 early, going to a very powerful W 40-50 by 7am and then slowly dropping to W 15-20 around 4pm.

Thursday starts off cloudy and cold, with the snow level at 1000-1500′. Snowfall starts between 4am and 7am, just in time to fill up the ski area parking lots (not to mention slopes) with light and fluffy snow. Even little Skibowl’s going to love this storm! Back to the forecast: 1” WV falls by 4pm Thursday, for 12-14” of new snow during the day. Another .4” WV falls Thursday night into Friday, for 4-6” of new snow. Wind on Thursday should be W 20-25 early, rising to W 35-40 by 10am (enjoy the chair swing, folks), and going to WNW 30-40 (even more swinging) around 4pm.

More snow falls on Friday, with orographic snow flurries giving .4” WV by 1pm for 4-6” of new with the snow level at 1500′. Wind will be SW 30-35 in the wee hours, swinging to WNW 40-50 (swinging… get it? Chairs swinging…) by 7am. Saturday morning sees more new snow on the ground, but Sunday looks clear, cold and dry.

Have an awesome day today!