12/30 Mt. Hood sunshine forecast

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 December 30, 2012

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
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It’s not quite time to issue a “boring weather alert” for the Gorge, but it’s time to perk up the semi-boring forecast with some wild speculation. As of early this morning, the Gorge was under high overcast skies, meaning sunshine is a likely outcome today, although there will be areas of Nothing Fog also. We’ll see some flurries Monday night, and then nothing exciting until Wednesday night. At that point, a strong low pressure system makes landfall somewhere between California and Washington (see what I mean about model inconsistency?). If it comes up from the south and hits us, we’ll get freezing rain. If it takes a more westerly track, we’ll see snow. So we’ll just keep an eye on it for now.

In the meantime, we’ll see below-freezing weather in the Gorge for the next 96 hours, at least. East wind blows this whole time, at 30ish today, 25ish tomorrow, 35+ at Rooster on Tuesday and 45+ on Wednesday. That will ruin your frozen waterfall watching expedition on Wednesday, for sure! Maybe try for Monday?

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On Mt. Hood, today will be clear and cold, with the freezing level at the surface and NE wind at 15-20.

Monday starts clear and cold, becoming partly cloudy midday with flurries in the evening, for .1” water value and maybe an inch of new snow. Wind Monday will be NW 10-15 early, becoming NE 10-15 in the evening.

Tuesday looks clear and cold in the morning, with the freezing level at the surface early. By the afternoon, temps warm up into the low to mid thirties at 3000′-7000′, with lower elevations below freezing. Wind Tuesday will be E 10-15.

Wednesday looks cold at the surface and above freezing at 3000′-9000′. The sky will be clear early and cloudy late. The wind and precip depend on what an offshore low pressure system decides to do. The wind will either be S, SE, or E. Incoming precip type will be determined by the eventual track of the low.

Have an awesome day today!