1/23 forecast

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 January 23, 2010

Good morning!

The recreation report and I have returned from our 3-night vacation to Maui. We went surfing 4 days and windsurfing two. That’s a pretty good trip, I think, especially considering that Thursday was over mast-high at Kanaha, uncrowded, and 4.2-4.7. What an amazing day of sailing… I also had a chance to try the brand-new Hot Sails Bolt while I was on Maui. Always fun to try the latest gear, right? It’s a super-light freestyle/wave sail. I used the 4.7, and it handled like a 3.7. So much fun!

Anyway, tickets to Hawaii are under $300, round-trip, on both Hawaiian and United right now, so if you’re desperate for a short getaway, check it out.

If you’re sticking around here and want to sail or kite, you’ll see some westerlies in the 15-18 range this morning, dying quickly by afternoon. Probably not worth driving. Tomorrow looks better, with 25-28 easterlies in the morning before the rain starts in the afternoon. I suppose you could continue your session in the rain, but we’re looking at an inch of precipitation, so you’ll be out in the torrential downpour.

My pick for tomorrow is night skiing at Meadows. An incoming front bearing about an inch of precipitable water will hit sometime after noon. Snow levels of 3000 feet will make for excellent powder tomorrow evening. Monday, of course, will be epic, with a foot of new snow or so, another 4-6” of accumulation, and snow levels around 3500-4000 feet. Make plans now. =)

Tuesday looks dry and cloudy, and Wednesday will be sunny on the mountain with easterlies in the Gorge.

Have a great day today!