12/29 Mt. Hood Snow Forecast

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 December 29, 2011

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

Good morning!

Thanks Mother Nature for the 5.5” of rain yesterday and 98-145mph wind at the top of Cascade during a one-hour period yesterday afternoon. Very interesting.

Moving on… Today looks mostly dry until 4pm. The freezing level will be 5000’ or so early, rising to 7000’ around 10am, dropping to 4500’ in the afternoon and rising to 7000’ overnight. Precip starts around 4pm. We’ll see a bit of snow, or maybe just freezing rain, before it switches to rain, .3” water value by 10pm. Then the heavens turn the water buckets upside-down. We’ll see 2-3” of rain overnight. Wind today will be SW 20-30 early, going to W 30 by 7am and SW 40-45 at 7pm.

Tomorrow looks fun. The freezing level will be around 5500’ at 4am, dropping to 3000’ at 7am, 2000’ by 10am and 1000’ by 1pm. We’ll probably start off with a mix of rain and snow, switching to snow hopefully by the 5am report, but maybe not. Either way, we’re going to see 1.5-2” of water value between 7am and 1pm, for 14-22” of new snow, depending on elevation (and that doesn’t count the feet of new snow at high elevations tonight into Friday morning). Wind tomorrow will be SW 35-40, going to a messy W 35-45+ at 7am and an equally messy WNW 35-40+ at 10am, holding through the evening.

NYE, thank the stars, looks partly cloudy, becoming sunny during the day and cloudy again late. The freezing level will be 1000’ or less. Wind will be bad early: WNW 35-40, dropping to NW 20-30 by 7am and becoming light and variable by midday. Whew.

Sunday looks partly cloudy to cloudy and warm, with fairly light wind and a chance of rain/freezing rain early, but most likely that system will be north of us.

Don’t forget about NYE parties at Skibowl (‘til 2am) and Meadows (‘til midnight) along with the rail jams (noon, Skibowl and 3pm, Meadows).

Have an awesome day!


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