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 December 27, 2010

Good evening!

Here’s your very late snow forecast.

First, Meadows is having a contest. Go to their Facebook page and guess the date/time they will hit a 100″ base. Winner gets a $100 gift card.

Tonight the snow level will rise after 4pm to 4500-5000’. Winds on the slopes will be SW at 25-30 rising to WSW at 40-50. Total water equivalent 4pm to 4am will be 1.5” to 2” for 14-20” of new snow or more.

Winds early tomorrow morning (Tuesday) will be W 30-40 decreasing to NW 10-15 by 4pm. Snow levels will be at 4500-5000’ during the day, slowly falling. Total water value between 4am and 4pm will be approximately 1.5” to 2” for 12” of new at lower elevations and 20”+ at higher elevations. After 4pm, winds increase to NW 25-35 and snow levels fall to 2000’ or less by 4am. Total water value overnight will be .5”-.75” for another 6-10” of new light snow.

Snow levels Wednesday morning will be around 1000’. Winds will be NW at 25-35 decreasing slightly to NW 20-30 by 4pm. We’ll see .75” to 1” of water equivalent during the day, heaviest before 10am, but continuing all day, for 10-16” of new light and fluffy snow.

Snowfall should end by 1am Thursday morning. Thursday will be cold and clear, with free air freezing levels around 500’. Winds will be calm to light out of the north.


Have a great day!


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