12/27 Forecast. Sorry it’s late.

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 December 27, 2011

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

Good morning!

Sorry. I really thought we’d make it until this afternoon before the weather flogging started. I was wrong. Hope I didn’t screw up your day.

We’ll see 1.3” of precip today. The snow level will just keep climbing: 6500’ by 1pm, 7000’ by 7pm and 9000’ by 10pm. Wind will be W 35-40 early, going to SW 40-50 around 7pm and picking up to 50-60 overnight.

We’ll see another 1.2” of heavy rain overnight, through 10am, when we might see a brief respite from the downpour. The snow level will be 10000’ early, falling to 5500’-6000’ by 1pm for periods of mixed precip through Thursday morning. Total precip water value between 1pm Wednesday and 1am Thursday will be 2.5-3.0”. Now, here’s the fun part: The wind. W 50-60+ at 4am (bye-bye lifts) goes to WSW 50-60 by 1pm and 60+ overnight.

Thursday looks like a wash, a flood, a torrent, a … well, you get the picture. 3.5” of rain by 7pm (mostly overnight and in the morning – it will taper off in the afternoon) with SW wind at 30-40, picking up to SW 40-45 by 1pm. The freezing level will be 6000’ early, picking up to 7500’ by 1pm and then, thank you Mother Nature, falling to 4500’ by 10pm. Heavy snow starts around midnight.

Friday looks SNOWY. We’ll see the snow level at 2000’ at 4am, falling to 1000’ in the afternoon. We’ll see very heavy snowfall between midnight and 4am, continuing. Expect snowy parking lots, as we’re going to see 5-6” before 7am and a lot of snow after that. Total precip numbers are still not up in the model for Friday, but it’s going to be significant… possibly 1.5 feet or more. The wind will be W 20-25 early, picking up to SW 30-40 around 1pm and then going to a very bad NW 30-40 at 4pm.

Saturday looks partly cloudy. Sunday looks rainy, but not terribly so. Don’t forget about the noon rail jam at Skibowl NYE and the 3pm rail jam at Meadows NYE. Also, Meadows is open ‘til midnight and Skibowl ‘til 2am, and both have fireworks.

Have an awesome day!


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