12/26 Mt. Hood Forecast

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 December 26, 2011

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

Good morning!

Oh yes, definitely a wild ride on the Mt. Hood weather train coming in this week. Buckle your seatbelts, because this train is leaving the BNSF line and headed into the Wild West. Speaking of buckling your seatbelts, please be careful on the new section of highway 35 near Meadows. I rolled my car there yesterday, and if I, grandma driver, can do it, so can you. Even ODOT agrees that it’s a bad section of road…

Today looks charming, with sun in the morning and cloudy skies by 5pm or so. The freezing level will be at a very acceptable 1000-1500’. Snow starts falling around 7pm, for 3-5” by 4am Tuesday. Wind today will be SW 15-20, picking up to 20-25 by 4pm and going to W 30-40 by 10pm.

Tomorrow starts off in classic Mt. Hood style, with snow falling from the sky and blowing around on the slopes. We should see .6-.7” water value, for 5-7” of new before 5pm. The freezing level will be at 4000’ at 4am, holding for quite a while, and then jumping up to 6000’ around 6pm, and rising further to 7500’ by 10pm. The wind will be W 30-40+ early, going to SW 35-40 around 7pm and rising to SW 50-60 around 10pm. The torrential downpour will start around 8pm, continuing all night.

The downpour turns to lesser but still continual showers on Wednesday morning, when the snow level will be at 10000’. It will swing around between 7k and 10k during the day, before climbing to 10k around 4pm. We’ll see inches and inches and inches of downpouring rain starting around noon, for inches and inches and inches of rain total by Thursday morning. To keep ski resort employees entertained, Mother Nature also plans a delivery of strong wind Wednesday: W 50-55+ (add some bonus wind for the direction) early, holding for much of the day, and going to SW 50-70 (no bonuses for SW) at 1pm and then SW 70-80 (no bonus needed) at 4pm.

For the rest of the week, we’ll see wild swings in the weather. Thursday will snap, with the snow level dropping down to 1500’ midday with limited precip, forming delicious sheets of ice on the mountain. Friday looks snowy. Saturday looks rainy. Like I said, the weather train is forging a new rail system this week. Hold on for the bumpy ride.

If you want to go windsurfing or kiting, you’ll have your chance on Friday. The rest of this week’s wind will probably come in overnight. In other news, both Meadows and Skibowl hold rail jams on New Year’s Eve. MHM is open until midnight and Skibowl is open until 2am, for your celebratory drunk riding pleasure.

Have an awesome day today.


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  1. Jon Paul |

    My nephew shared your site with me on Christmas morning. Wow, I really appreciate the recap of specific info for the ski areas. I will use this site weekly as the season progresses. (too bad for our ski areas with this week’s rain). Will you be sharing the base levels, and surface conditions as well?