12/26 Gorge snow, Mt. Hood snow, and other random forecasts

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 December 26, 2012

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

Wow. What a day it was yesterday. First, as soon as I sent the forecast complaining about Santa and the rain, my wet Christmas switched to white Christmas. So that was great. Second, I went skiing and the snow was incredible. Despite dire predictions of warming and heavy snow by yours truly, the snow stayed light and the warming held off until late in the evening. It’s was 27 at Meadows as of 5am, so it finally did get warmer, but most of the snow fell during the cold period. Hooray! So, Doug, I’m glad I was wrong and you had a great day on the hill!

For those of you in the Upper Valley and other areas of the Gorge where it’s still snowing, hang in there. This east gradient isn’t going anywhere until Thursday morning, so it looks like you’ll keep seeing snow today. Another 3-4” is probably reasonable in the next 24 hours for Odell and Parkdale and other places above 500′. Unfortunately, it looks like the snow is going to stick around, with the freezing level at 1000′ Thursday, 500′ Friday and at the surface on Saturday. At least we’ll only see flurries on Thursday and Friday and Saturday during the day. Next chance for a couple inches of snow in the Gorge is Saturday night.

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For you windsurfers and kiters, you’ll have easterlies at 20-25 at Stevenson and Rooster today. Tomorrow afternoon brings gusty westerlies at 21-24 east of Hood River.

Today is the last of the dumping snow days for a bit. Although it’s 27 at Meadows as of the time of this forecast, the snow level is around 500′, at least in the Gorge, where east gradients are keeping it cool. The temp should hold in the mid-twenties at 5000′ today, before getting colder tonight. We’ll see .4-.5” water value (WV) by 4pm, for 4-5” of new. Another .4-.5” WV falls by 4am Thursday, for another 4-5”. Wind today will be SSW 10-20 early, going to SW 10-15 at 1pm.

Thursday starts with flurries and the snow level at 1000′. There will be less than 1” of new snow during the 24 hour period. The sky will become partly cloudy to clear around 10am. Wind will be NW 10-15.

Friday starts off clear, becoming cloudy midday. The snow level will be around 500′. Flurries start around 4pm, lasting through midnight, for .1-.2” WV and a trace to 2” of new. Wind will be S 10-15 early, going to SSW 15 in the afternoon.

Saturday starts off with broken clouds, becoming clear by 1pm. After 4pm, clouds increase, and flurries start around 7pm for a couple inches of new by Sunday morning. Wind will be NW 15-20 all day. Sunday looks partly cloudy with a few flurries. The extended models are now leaning toward snow, rather than clearing. I think we’ll just have to wait a few days and see what they conclude.

Have an awesome day today!