12/26 Forecast

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 December 26, 2009

Good morning!

It’s a beautiful, sunny morning up at Mt. Hood Meadows, meaning there’s no chaotic weather and I have 5 minutes to put together a forecast.

The big recreation news today has to be the massive east gradients and monstrous easterlies through the Gorge. Early this morning, the gradient stood at .31, which is plenty of gradient to support averages near 40 at Stevenson and 50 at Rooster Rock. The sensor is down at Rooster, and the temp sensor is down at Stevenson. However, it’s 35 at Swell, so it’s probably 35 or 36 down in the western Gorge as well. 35 degree air plus 35 degree wind gives you a wind chill factor of 20. That’s downright balmy, so get down there and go windsurfing.

It looks like the easterlies will back off a bit tomorrow, but still be in the 20-24 range.

If you’re a mountain biker who has been out on the trails, I’d love some reports. I haven’t heard anything since we went through the latest freeze-thaw-rain cycle, so I’m not sure if we have rideable trails or not. Let me know!

You surfers are probably out at the coast already, but if not, here’s a heads up. It’s 11 feet at 17 seconds with offshore winds. Photos, please! Speaking of photos, I’m thinking a “photo of the day” might be nice. Submissions are appreciated.

The skiing has been really good the last couple of days, if you’re not a powder snob. There’s almost no ice anywhere on the groom at Meadows (with the exception of HRM face, of course), and the parks are in awesome shape. Plus, being up here in the sun sure beats being in the gloom in Hood River. Come join me for a few runs.

Have a great day today!