12/26 Forecast

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 December 26, 2010

Good morning!

At this point, the bulk of today’s precipitation is passing to the west of us, drenching Portland and leaving Mt. Hood high and dry. I think we’ll still see some snow today, but perhaps not the 7-11″ by 4pm that NOAA was predicting.

Snow levels are currently around 4000′ and will drop to 2500′ by this evening. Winds will be out of the south at 15-25 this morning, building to SW 25-35+ this afternoon and WSW 25-35 this evening. The heaviest snow will fall before noon, with continual snow for the rest of the day. Total precipitation between now and 4am tomorrow will be 1-1.5″ of water, for a total of 9-12″ of new snow.

Snow levels tomorrow start off around 2000′-2500′, rising to 3000 feet in the afternoon. Morning winds will be W 25-35 decreasing to 15-25 in the afternoon and increasing to SW 25-35 overnight. Snowfall during the day will be light to moderate, with 4-5″ total between 4am and 4pm. Snowfall increases overnight, and the snow level will rise to 5500 to 6000′. The most likely scenario is heavy, wet snow. Total snowfall between 4pm and 4am will be 4-6″ down low and 10-14″ up high, assuming we see snow and not rain.

Tuesday morning starts out with heavy snow and snow levels around 5500 to 6000 feet. After 1pm, snow levels fall rapidly to 2000′. Winds on Tuesday will be SW 25-35 in the morning, increasing to W 35-45 midday and falling to NW 10-15 late in the day. Total accumulation (assuming it falls as snow) will be 6-8″ at lower elevations between 4am and noon, with a foot or more at higher elevations.

High pressure begins to build on in Wednesday for cloudy skies in the morning and partly cloudy skies by afternoon. The next few days after that look cold and clear. You’ll probably see some solid west winds in the Gorge on Wednesday afternoon.

Have a great day today!