12/22 Mt. Hood Forecast

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 December 22, 2011

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
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This high pressure system is proving one tough opponent for the Pacific Jet Stream. Systems anticipated to arrive Friday and Sunday are weakening, but this high pressure really looks to be gone by next Tuesday.

In the meantime, today is another sunny day on Mt. Hood. If you want to ski or ride, give it a couple of hours to soften up before you hit the slopes, as it’s hard and fast out there. We’ll see sunshine all day, with SW wind at 15-20, building to 25-30 in the afternoon with the freezing level rising to 7500’.

The freezing level will be at 6500’ all day tomorrow, as the anticipated system evaporates into nothing, leaving Mt. Hood with little to no snowfall/rain and partly cloudy or high overcast skies. Wind will be SW 30-40 early, going to W 25-30 mid-morning and holding through evening.

Saturday starts off a bit cloudy, and then becomes clear. The freezing level will be 7000’ early, rising to 9000’ by 1pm. Wind will be WSW 20-30 early, going to SW 15-20 in the afternoon.

Sunday, finally, brings some snow, starting around 7am and ending around noon. There is a slight chance of some light rain/freezing rain early before the system switches to snow. The snow level will be 7000’ early, dropping to 4500’ by 7am and falling to 1000’ by 4pm. Windspeeds will be SW 30-35 early, going to W 30-40 by 10am and swinging around to NW 30-35 by 4pm. Total accumulation will be .3-.5” water value for 3-4” of new snow.

Coming up next week, snow starts falling Monday afternoon for 6-9” Monday night. Then models start disagreeing, with some showing light snow Tue/Wed, some showing very heavy snow, and some showing rain. I guess that means we are waiting to see how things shake out. Cross your fingers. At least the blocking high pressure will be gone and the jet stream will be pointed directly at Mt. Hood!

If you are insane, you could go windsurfing or kiting today. It’s currently 26 degrees and blowing 30+ at Rooster. Have fun. In the “wiser decisions” category, Lower Post Canyon is in great shape. Yesterday I rode Seven Streams, Mobius, Spaghetti, and back down Seven Streams, and only encountered a couple of muddy spots. I’m not sure what Upper Post is like, but there’s good mountain biking to be had right now.

Also, I went to Kaze for dinner last night and had the most awesome soup that I’ve had since I left Japan. It’s not on the menu, but if you ask Toshi to make you some, I am sure he will. It’s some sort of tofu-pork spicy miso ramen. Yep, pork on Hanukkah. That’s how I roll.
Have a great day today!


Have an awesome day today!


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