12/20 Mt. Hood Snow Forecast

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 December 20, 2011

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

Finally, finally, there’s something interesting to talk about in the forecast! Wind, snow, and the possibility of this endless high pressure system falling apart. Just because it looks so nice, I added a fourth day to the graphical forecast. =)

Today starts off clear, becoming cloudy mid-morning, with a chance of trace amounts of rain or snow. Most likely we’ll see a little of both. The snow level will be 7500’ early, dropping to 4000’ around 1pm and 1500’ by 4pm. Mt. Hood wind will be NW 30-40 by 7am, going to WNW 30-40 around 1pm, swinging to NW 30-35 by 4pm, and going to N 20-30 by 7pm. Basically, it will be windy all day on Mt. Hood. =)

Wednesday looks dry, clear and cold on Mt. Hood, with N wind at 20-30 early going to E 15-20 by 10am and holding all day.

Thursday morning brings clear skies to Mt. Hood and another inversion to the valleys. It will be just below freezing at all Mt. Hood elevations early, and then as the inversion builds, the freezing level rises to 8000’ by 10am and drops back to 6500’ by 7pm. Clouds move in late, and snow starts sometime Friday morning.

Friday looks like typical Mt. Hood storm skiing. The snow level will be at 3500’ in the morning, dropping to 1500’ in the afternoon. Snow starts falling around 2am, for 1” or so by the time ski lifts are turning and another 3-4” during the day. It will be plenty windy to make nice drifts on leeward slopes: WSW 40-50 early, W 40-50 by 7am and WNW 35-45 by 4pm.

In the extended forecast, Saturday looks sunny, Sunday looks snowy (3-4”), Monday looks cloudy, Tuesday looks very snowy, possibly warming up, and Wednesday, well, let’s just say the models look warm and wet and that we should all cross our fingers that the models change.

I think we’re finally seeing the disintegration of the December Doldrums. Yay!

In wind news, the Gorge sees W 21-23 today, building easterlies tomorrow, E 30+ on Thursday and W wind on Friday.

Have an awesome day today! Happy Hanukah tonight!


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