12/20 Forecast

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 December 20, 2010

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Good morning!

Whew. The weekend is killing the forecast. If anyone out there wants a low-paying job filling in on the weekend, that would be great. And hey, if anyone out there is interested in an okay-paying job occasionally filling in on the radio next summer, shoot me an email. You must have some familiarity with wind sports and wind forecasting, and you must be able to articulate. Reliable individuals only. Oh, wait, did I just ask for a reliable wind junkie? 😉

Moving on to the forecast…

It’s snowing in the Gorge, yet again. Frozen precipitation will continue over the next couple of days as strong offshore low pressure systems combine with cold, high pressure desert air to keep Gorge temps right around freezing.

We’ll see intermittent snow showers down to river level today. Tomorrow looks dry, with a good chance of sun on the mountain and an even better chance of The Gloom in the Gorge. We’ll see a few more inches of snow Wednesday morning, before a switch to rain Wednesday afternoon.

Up on Mt. Hood, there will be more snow, with true snow levels around 2000-2500 feet. Isn’t that strange how I combine the words “Gorge” and “snow” and you frown and I combine the words “Mt. Hood” and “snow” and you smile? Today brings 2-3 inches between now and midnight with winds increasing to 20-25mph. Tomorrow looks dry on Mt. Hood, with partly cloudy skies and winds at 5-10mph. Another front rolls in Wednesday morning for a total of 4-6” between 7am and 3pm with winds at 15-20mph.

In wind news, it’s windy. If you’re nuts, feel free to head down to Rooster or Stevenson today and tomorrow for 30+mph. If you’re hoping for lighter easterlies combined with rain, hold out until Wednesday for 25-30 fading to 10-15 by afternoon.

Models are showing a warming (but drying) trend towards the end of the week, but they’re also inconsistent, so I’ll hold off on forecasting anything past the 72 hour mark (always a good call).

There’s a full lunar eclipse tonight starting at 9:27pm. You won’t be able to see it from the Gorge, due to the inversion gloom, but there’s a chance you’ll be able to see it from elsewhere in Oregon or Washington. Tomorrow is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year (well okay, all days are 24 hours, but the solstice has the least daylight), when we celebrate the return of daylight!

Have an awesome day today!


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