12/15 forecast

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 December 15, 2010

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Good morning!

The Pineapple Express has left the station and returned to Maui (I think Jane Parker rode it straight to Kanaha), leaving behind a trail of high-water rivers and powder on the slopes.

As of last night, the White Salmon was at 6 feet, the Hood was at 7.0, and the Klickitat was at 4270cfs.

And as of this morning, there was 11” of new snow at Meadows. Even little Skibowl had half a foot of fresh. Reports from last night suggest Skibowl needs a little more snow to cover the Pineapple Crust, but that Meadows is in good shape, with only scattered areas of PC.

Conditions at Meadows and T-Line today will be excellent, with winds in the 15-20 range and light snow showers during the day, for an additional 4-5 inches of snow. If you’re going to MHM, don’t expect Cascade or Upper Heather first thing, as there’s a lot of digging and other work to be done before Cascade opens up. However, there’s plenty of other excellent skiing up there right now.

Tomorrow look like another nice day on the slopes. Early morning snow showers bring 3-5” of snow and then give way to a cloudy/partly cloudy day, with 10-15mph wind, followed by more snow after 4pm.

Sometime tomorrow, an upper level low sets up off the coast, inducing strong east winds through the Gorge. That brings a chance for two things: first, you can go windsurfing or kiting, and second, you might see snow or sleet in the Gorge Friday night.

Tomorrow night brings another round of heavy snow to the mountains. 6-9” seems likely by Saturday morning. Snow showers continue through the day, and then another round of heavy snow hits early Sunday morning, for another 6-9” during the day Sunday. Winds will be in the 15-25mph range both Saturday and Sunday on the slopes.

Have an awesome day today!


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