1/21 Forecast

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 January 21, 2011

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Good morning!

I’m starting to run out of rain-related quips, so it’s time for the rain to stop. Strangely, Mother Nature must have sensed this, as the rain will stop sometime overnight tonight, giving way to partly cloudy skies and sunbreaks tomorrow, with lots of sunshine in the extended forecast.

Mountain Weather Forecast:

Today looks wet on the mountain, with a total of .5” to 1” of rain expected to fall between now and 10pm or so. Models are not handling the storm path well, but given the radar image, a forecast of 1” of rain doesn’t seem out of line. Rain will be moderate between now and 4pm, becoming light in the evening. The snow level will be around 7000’, rising to 8000’. The real problem today is not the rain: it’s the wind. Although winds are light right now, out of the NW at 10-20 or so, they’ll pick up quickly to W 35-40 by noon, switching to NW 30-40 mid-afternoon as the front passes, turning to NW 30-40 by 8pm. This does not bode well for running high speed quads today. You may want to exercise your quads in some other manner today.

Tomorrow morning looks cloudy, with skies becoming clear by midday. Winds early will be N 10-15, becoming light and variable for the rest of the day. It’s going to be warm tomorrow, with highs around 40° at the base area, maybe a bit warmer. The free air freezing level will be around 8000-9000’.

Sunday looks dry and warm, with highs around 44° at 5000’. Winds will be fairly light, out of the west at 5-10mph. The free air freezing level will be around 9000-10000’.

Monday through Thursday look dry and warm, with the FAF around 10,000’. Hopefully radiational cooling overnight will be enough to give us good corn snow during the day. This weather should make the backcountry skiing pretty fun and pretty safe over the coming week.

Gorge Wind Forecast:

Today brings another round of west winds in the Gorge. We’re seeing 10-20 this morning as the front stalls overhead, but as it moves east this afternoon, winds and gradients pick up. 28-32 from Mosier eastward is likely, with the possibility of gusty 26-30 in the Corridor. Watch for logs and other debris in the water if you’re headed out.

Tomorrow starts off with westerlies in the 12-17 range, fading quickly. Sunday and Monday look light, and then strong easterlies build on Tuesday.
Have a great day today!


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