12/1 Forecast. Happy Chanukah tonight!

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 December 1, 2010

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Good morning!

Dang it.

So I’m feeling pretty bad this morning that I told all of you today was going to be epic on Mt. Hood. I was sure the warm air would hit midday yesterday, allowing snow to pile up overnight. Instead, the front stalled and the warm air washed over Mt. Hood this morning and late last night, dropping light rain on all the new powder. Quite frankly, Mother Nature, I’m mad. The snow was good yesterday, and now it’s not so good, and the backcountry is experiencing high avalanche danger. I like it when the snow sticks to the slopes instead of sliding to the bottom in a sloppy mess.

It appears there was a short-lived episode of rain up to 6500 feet, with long-lasting drizzle down lower, but reports suggest the snow will still be in good shape at Shooting Star at MHM. Down low, the snow is wet and heavy. If you like wet, heavy snow, you’ll have fun today.

We’ll see another round of snow tomorrow, with snow levels around 3000’ and winds out of the south at 20-30mph. The period of most intense snowfall should be from 10am to 5pm, with decreasing showers later. Total accumulation tomorrow will be 4-6”.

We may see another inch or two of snow on Friday, but Saturday and Sunday look dry and clear on the mountain.

Don’t forget about the 2nd Wind / USASA Rail Jam in downtown Hood River on Saturday. It’s going to be sick.

Have an awesome day today!


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