1/2 Mt. Hood Snow Forecast

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 January 2, 2012

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

Good morning!

If any of you out there can put some high pressure off the coast, directing the jet stream up towards Alaska and then back down to us, I’d really appreciate it. The current storm track isn’t ideal for producing powder on Mt. Hood.

Today starts off partly cloudy, quickly becoming cloudy, with precip starting around 1pm. The freezing level will be at 7000’ or so early, dropping to 4500’ by 1pm or so. At this point, with the temps around 33° at upper ski resort elevations, we’ll probably see this system come in as wet snow, rather than as rain. We’ll see .3-.4” water value for 2-3” of heavy new snow. Winds today will be increasing to SSW 30-40 by 7am, and SW 40-45 by 1pm.

Snow ends around 1am on Tuesday, for partly cloudy skies early, becoming cloudy by 4pm with no precip. The freezing level will be 3500’ early, rising to 7000’ by 10am and 10000’ by 1pm. Wind tomorrow will be SW 20-25 all day.

Wednesday starts off clear, becoming cloudy, with precip starting around 5pm. At this point, it’s looking like this will start as rain, but the models are being quite inconsistent about precip amounts, with one showing .25” and one showing 2”. Not very helpful, right? Anyway, the freezing level will be 10k early, dropping to 9000’ by 4pm, 6000’ by 7pm and 5500’ by 10pm. So, call it rain in unknown quantities until midnight or so.

The rain switches to snow sometime early Thursday morning, when the snow level falls to 3500’ by 4am and 1500’ by 7am. We’ll get a few inches of snow before 9am, and then another .5” water value after 10am for 4-5” of new snow. Wind on Thursday will be W 30-35 in the morning, going to WNW 30 in the afternoon.

If you want to go windsurfing or kiting, today is your day, with huge east wind continuing at Stevenson and Rooster.

Have a great day today!


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