11/9 Gorge no-wind, Mt. Hood mixed precip, and HRATS trail work party

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 November 9, 2012

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

NOAA has made two things official since yesterday: First, they’ve called La Nada for the winter. That’s a layman’s term; the real terminology is “Neutral”, meaning no La Nina and no, thankfully, El Nino this winter. Also this morning, NOAA made the following call (maybe after reading my forecast from yesterday?) “WE MIGHT EVEN SEE SOME SNOW MIXED IN FOR A TIME IN THE UPPER HOOD RIVER VALLEY…AND POSSIBLY EVEN NEAR HOOD RIVER.” What this means for you is that if you didn’t get your snow tires on following yesterday’s warning (I didn’t either), you will be facing social time at Les Schwab.

With that out of the way, we move on to cold weather food: It’s time to eat ramen. No, not that stuff on the bottom shelf at Rosauer’s. The stuff they make at Kaze. My favorite food in Hood River. The not-on-the-menu Maabo Ramen. It’s warm. It’s filling. It’s so truly delicious on a cold night.

You could eat it after working in Post Canyon with the HRATS tomorrow. Thankfully, it’s going to be a dry day, if a cold one. This is where I beg: Please, please, please come help us out tomorrow. We need all hands on deck to rebuild 8-Track and other trails. If you’re a dirt biker, please come help us rebuild a torn-up section of 170. Your trails need you, and your county needs the hours for grant matching. 8:30 at 10 Speed. Great raffle prizes. Coffee. Snacks. Beer after. Pleaaaaaaaaaase come help! Bring rakes, heavy-duty hoes, loppers, shovels, and if you have one, a McLeod.

Now. On to the weather. Today looks mostly clear. Models are suggesting we’ll see an inversion layer in the HRV tomorrow, but we might get lucky with sun. High clouds move in Sunday morning, and precip starts between 1pm and 4pm. As of yesterday, the precip was going to come in Sunday night. This faster track means less chance of accumulating snow or ice in the HRV. As a matter of fact, I think we’ll see a period of snowfall, but with it happening during the day, I don’t think we’ll see accumulation on the roads. We may not even see accumulation on the grass or in the orchards. This makes me happy. I thought I was going to wake up Monday morning to snow on the ground. This faster track is a better track, as far as I’m concerned.

Up on Mt. Hood, today looks gorgeous, with blue sky, the freezing level around 1000′ all day, and NW wind at 15-20. Tomorrow also looks clear and dry on Mt. Hood, with the freezing level around 500′. Wind starts out NW, but switches to N, which could 1) cause temps to rise a bit on the ski slopes and 2) blow whatever speed it feels like blowing, because models just can’t handle N. winds well.

On Sunday, high clouds move in early, followed by precipitation sometime between 1pm and 4pm. This will probably start as snow or perhaps freezing rain, with the snow level at 1500′ around 1pm. By 7pm, the snow level rises to 5000′, and then rises to 6000′ by 10pm and 6500′ by Monday morning, holding around 6000′ Monday. Precip will be significant, with 1” falling by midnight Sunday and another .5” by Monday morning. That means 8-12” of snow above 7000′. below that, it’ll be a mixed bag of rain, freezing rain, and snain. Wind on Sunday will be W 10-15 early, going to SW 20-30 by 1pm, WSW 35-40 by 7pm, and holding overnight. Monday morning starts off miserably, with W wind at 45-50.

The first half of next week looks fairly dry, with the snow level hovering around 5000-6000′. The next strong system is modeled for Thursday-ish, with the snow level unacceptably high for snow at ski area base areas.

Have an awesome day today!