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 January 19, 2011

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Good morning!

It’s a beautiful bluebird day on Mt. Hood today, and my brain is already looking forward to sunshine and Vitamin D overload. Unfortunately, I forgot my bikini today, but I won’t be so foolish tomorrow.

Mountain Weather Forecast:

Today looks sunny and clear all day, with light and variable wind. The free air freezing level will be 2000’ in the morning, rising to 4000’ in the afternoon.

Tomorrow starts off clear, with the freezing level at 4500’, rising to 7000’ by midday and 9000’ by late afternoon. High clouds will move in sometime in the early afternoon. Winds start off light and variable, rising to W 10-20 by noon and increasing to WNW 20-30 by 7pm. Precipitation should hold off until midnight or so Thursday, but when it comes in, it will come in as r**n for Friday, with the exception of a possible brief period of freezing rain overnight Thursday into Friday morning.

The snow level will be around 7000’ early on Friday, falling to 6000’ by 4pm, possibly briefly dropping to 4000’ overnight, but rising quickly to 8000’ by Saturday morning. The rain will be light between midnight and 11am, becoming moderate from 11am to 4pm, and turning to light sprinkles for the rest of Friday. Total precipitation will be somewhere between .25” and 1”, depending on the exact storm track. Winds on Friday start at WNW 20-30, rising to WNW 30-40 by noon, dropping slowly to NW 20-30 by midnight.

Saturday looks warm, with possible light sprinkles through 10am, or possibly just dry conditions. Total precip will be less than .1”. It’s going to be fairly warm, with the free air freezing level somewhere between 6000’ and 10000’. Winds early Saturday will be somewhere between W and N at 15-20, becoming light and variable by noon.

Sunday looks dry and warm.

That concludes your morning weather forecast. The moonset was amazing, the sunrise is beautiful, as always, and you should make at least one run today! Have a great day!

Wind forecast:

Today and tomorrow look quite light in the Gorge, but there’s a very good chance we’ll see sailable west winds in the 24-27 range in the Corridor on Friday, as a summer-like high pressure system sets up off the coast.


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  1. David |

    This looks similar to last year. I remember riding Cascade chair in a T-shirt w/o gloves and hat, and thinking it was spring time! Then spring rolled around and it felt like winter again. Hold out for that spring pass!!