11/7 Mt. Hood snow, Gorge wind, and local events

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 November 7, 2012

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

We are in for a major shift in the weather today. It’s going to get colder. Not freezing. Not yet. But definitely colder. Like 15-20 degrees colder than yesterday. But… it’s going to be much drier than the last couple of weeks, and that’s a good thing, right? So, get out and ride your bicycle, because it’s that time of year.

Speaking of bicycling, there’s the monster Post Canyon work party put together by the Hood River Area Trail Stewards. You’ll be fixing the trails around Family Man. You know you ride them. Be there to fix them! If you want to bring the kids, there will be family-friendly tasks to do in the Family Man area. Meet at 10 Speed at 8:30am. If you live in the 509 area code (where marijuana and gay marriage will soon be legal – boy do we live in interesting times…), there’s a work party at the White Salmon Bike Park on Saturday. On Sunday, you can join WTA at the Syncline for a work party.

In Gorge wind news, we’ll have westerlies at 15-18 today, but that’s likely it for the next few days. However, on a different Gorge topic, watch for frost, especially above 500′, both tonight and tomorrow night. If we don’t see frost then, we’ll definitely see it Friday night.

I mentioned it’s going to get cold. That doesn’t mean the mountain is suddenly going to develop a deep blanket of fluffy powder. Today actually looks sunny on Mt. Hood, or at least sunny as clouds burn away during the day. The freezing level will be 3000′ early, falling to 2000′ by mid-morning. Wind will be W 30-35 early, falling to NW 15-30 mid-morning and NW 5-10 late in the afternoon.

Tomorrow on the mountain starts clear, with increasing high clouds mid-morning. There’s a chance of a few snow flurries, but there won’t be much accumulation, if any. However, the snow level will be down around 1500′, so watch for flakes in the Hood River Valley. Wind on the mountain Thursday will be E 5-10 early, picking up to ENE 15-20 mid-morning and NE 15-20+ in the afternoon.

On Friday, Mt. Hood sees a mix of sun, snow and clouds, with trace amounts of snow, although there’s the possibility of as much as .2” water value. Call it an inch or two. The snow level will be 2000′ Friday morning, falling to 1000′ mid-morning. Wind will be NW 10-15 early, going to W 10-15 for the rest of the day.

Saturday looks quite chilly but dry with the freezing level at 500′. Wind on Mt. Hood will be NW 10-15 early, falling to W 5-10 mid-morning. The next system comes in Sunday night. The track of this system suggests we’ll see a significant amount of precip (over 1”) with snow switching to freezing rain, switching to rain, and then switching back to snow. For the folks on Mt. Hood, Monday morning could be the first storm recovery of the season. Sorry, lift maintenance folks.

Have an awesome day today!